Essential Supplements And How To Use Them

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With so many different supplements available both on-line and in the shops today, it can be confusing trying to find the right bodybuilding supplements as well as using them in the most effective way. To truly optimize the dietary impact, an individual assessment with a sports nutritionist is recommended but there are some bodybuilding supplements, including a protein powder, which would benefit every bodybuilder, from novice through to seasoned pro.

Protein is one of the frequently mentioned bodybuilding supplements and vital for building lean muscle mass. It is almost impossible to consume the amount of protein required naturally without the need for additional supplements. One of the least expensive supplements available and with proven effectiveness, protein powder is an essential in a bodybuilder’s toolkit. Two of the best available are Myofusion by Gaspari, this powder uses a combination of casein and whey proteins to ensure blood amino acid levels remain higher for longer, while Syntha-6 by BSN tastes great and can be used as a meal replacement also. Protein can be consumed as a drink when mixed with carbohydrate. This is the perfect combination to take onboard immediately after a training session as the amino acids in the drink provide the necessary building blocks and the carbohydrates increase insulin levels which pushes the nutrients out into the muscle, thereby allowing generation of new cells and ultimately muscle growth. Sipping a carbohydrate-loaded drink during a work-out is also highly recommended as it allows adaption to heavy loading during training. Serious athletes in all disciplines have to pay close attention to their diet and ensure that 5-7 moderate sized meals are consumed every day, with each meal carefully balanced. A protein powder drink can be used to replace some of the daily meals, allowing the nutritional stability to be maintained whilst on the move.

In order to bulk up but strip away every last inch of fatty mass, thermogenic bodybuilding supplements are one of the biggest innovations to hit the market in the last 10 years. Quite literally a fat-burning pill and often combining bitter orange, caffeine and aspirin, thermogenics are widely believed to shift that last bit of muscle-disguising fat that won’t budge with diet and training alone. However, in order to maximise the benefits of any thermogenic pill, a cycling routine must be established. Taking thermogenics consistently without a break between courses will, over time, dramatically reduce the effect and could cause metabolic difficulties; one of the best for example is Adipoxil by Iforce Nutrition which should be taken 3 to 4 times a day and needs to be cycled every 4 to 8 weeks. The only exception to this rule is if the thermogenics are not taken daily, but more sparingly on just a couple of days per week. If used in this way, there are no risks to using them all year round.

Of course, supplements are not the only way to ensure that the body is in tip-top condition. There are many foods which have been labelled ‘superfoods’ and warrant inclusion in any diet. Tomatoes are well known for their powerful anti-oxidant properties which appear to become enhanced further once heated. Flaxseeds are another group of foods which should regularly be consumed, with grinding of the seeds best for rapid absorption. Flaxseeds can also be added to a protein powder to increase the nutritional benefits of the drink further. Alternative ways to incorporate them into the diet include soups, salads and cereals. Green foods including spirulina, wheat grass and chlorella are another great nutritional source, containing higher amounts of protein than red meat when compared pound for pound as well as being very high in vitamins and minerals.

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