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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Yesterday was a beast of a day. Loads of convos. But one new and random convo came to mind.

You can relate to this one I’m sure.


I randomly added someone on Facebook on Sunday. Because FB said to add them, as I might know them. Hehe. It’s just their algorithms at play. So it just showed someone who lives in the same city.

They accepted. And then they browsed my profile.

They quickly realised who I am and what I do. And within 30 minutes they started asking questions.

> Look…

She’s in the same city as me. So meeting up is the natural thing to do, once a synergy like that happens.

But shortly after saying yes. She then said no. And to meet up on Sunday instead (It reminded me of when YOU say no, when starting as a member for the first time).

So… We carried on talking. She got more and more comfortable. And we ended up on a voice/video chat for 3 hours. So FB was right @ connecting us. Ha.

Anyway… I began to learn, that the reason why she said no… Is because she was having relationship issues.

In short… Her brain was all fudged up from heartache (Remember what I said > yesterday).

She told me she was sick. And she was. But she said no… Because her mindset was broken. And because she over thinks things, from living alone in a condo.

That’s why it’s more than just the butt!

Almost all the women who have started as new members. Didn’t really start, to fix their bodies. They started… To fix their mind and their lifestyle.

For me to get members to start and realise that… I just step in and have a heart felt convo. Especially when the connection is brand new. So that we can speed through the trust factors.

After the talk… They then ‘know’ that’s the solution that they needed @ a 121 chat. Because they can ‘feel’ the fix.

They feel even better after a training session. Online (Video) or offline (In person – Like Rhoj, 2 weeks ago). Since I’m talking to YOU on both.


Becoming S-curvish, is the by-product of having a fixed mind and lifestyle. The same way that having more money in ‘business’, happens from giving enough people what they really want.

This is why you need to reply and talk 121. So that you can start to get comfortable.

Maybe this will be one of my main roles in the near future. And to step away from training videos.

I’m hyper confident with this stuff… As I’ve done it endless times over, online, in person, with strangers… And with people I’ve known for a while.

The places where 121 chats happen… As a new member…

Stage 2, the experiments and stage 3 – You can read up on them > here.

Facebook Messenger is the best place for these voice/video chats to happen. So adding ME below, is best.Let the cam and audio chats commence!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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