Elephant in the fudging room part X

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Buzzers… Saturday…

Tis the season of sport, travel, movies, festivals and whatever other fun stuff you can think of.

It’s all happening. All of which… Can be noticed within S-curve world. Via members and through me @ Facebook posts on MY profile.

Talking of Facebook though. It truly is THE platform that keeps the whole world connected. Regardless of how you have connected with people.

Even people who notoriously live offline only, are forced to be on there. Because they’re simply missing out on a ton of stuff from not being so.

If you are one of those people. And are still a fan of living offline (A lot of people are starting to ‘live’ again and shy away from being consumed by social media). Then… Just get on Facebook for Messenger only.

It’s what most ‘higher end’ S-curve members end up doing.

Because most people who become S-curve members, are…

– Busy moms
– Career professionals
– Final year students

So they don’t have time to let their brains be consumed by unmeaningful social media content.

Let’s talk blueprint tips (Elephants in rooms again)

The elephant in the room is…

You could just read this newsletter. Do that for 3-6 months. Take action on what you learn. And you would indeed become S-curvish.


That’s not what YOU want. And most realise… That’s not what helps them.

What’s needed is…

– Things to be made simple
– To actually save time… Which can then be spent doing other things (Within the S-curve experiencetoo… Like > TC2.0 trips)

So most people just become members (What level of member… Depends on where you’re at in your life).

That’s typically what I do to, when learning something new. Just… Gimme the fudging formula and set me on the right path.

Especially today… Since I need to brutally prioritise my time.

So why blueprint tip then… Since they’re just ingredients from the main formula?


– There’s a lot of info to take in as a member. Most of which, needs to be fed into your brain, over time, in a structured way. So it’s good to always feed them into your subconscious mind.

All members are encouraged to continue reading the newsletter. Long after becoming a member. Because the newsletter is a part of the S-curve formula.

– Motivation – The newsletter has always been ‘daily’. For that reason alone.Most people fall off the wagon, or out of the loop. Because there isn’t a consistent voice in their head to move them along. Aka… Someone in their corner. Who has their back at ALL times.

So… You’ll see blueprint tips. Because they’re a part of the daily newsletter.

Today… We’re a full on ‘experience’. So we miss, not one single moment. Because everything that you see posted, on any platform, is a part of the S-curve experience.

So you’ll see blueprint tips, to coincide with that too. Tips… That are focused on other things… Other than just becoming S-curvish @ physical goals.

It’s another day of World Cup for me. But as usual. I’ll be alive on FB Messenger. For…

– Casual chats
– 121 coaching sessions

Saturday words complete.


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