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‘Fudge’… Is our ‘F word’.

Buzzers… Thursday…

You know… The biggest issue that we deal with here, is coaching you through nutrition shenanigans.

Yes… The S-curve workouts are all specific. And are designed to build the S-curve physique @ > explained by S-curve member Mariamne.

But all you have to do… Is just turn up and DO.

But with food, you have issues like…

– Emotional eating
– Craving issues
– Some foods that you don’t like, but need to eat (We add the right things to boost taste. Like oats + whey)

Which is why it’s the biggest issue that we deal with.

And yesterday. I posted this on > Facebook

The S-curve formula doesn’t know all the foods in existence. And doesn’t intend to.
It just puts any food that’s found… Into the S-curve meal structure. And let it do it’s magic.
New to me = Tostones @mariolarc
Dip = Light mayo, ketchup, garlic, water

That’s the best way to approach the food problem at present. As you can’t go wrong.

What most people mess up on. Is not focusing on one path, for a set period of time. They zig zag, mixing the info together. Which leads to failing. Which I already talked about this week.

So being focused is the key. And it’s one of the main reasons why we have a structured long term process in place @ > stage 3.

Because only then… Will you see results, beyond the initial Results Phase.

Because the big changes don’t kick in until the foundation is built @ habit building, hissy fit management, effective exercises for YOU.

All of which, takes 3-6 months.

I talked about the newest Spring season > Results Phase this week.

And even though there’s a bonus extended time frame. It’s still going to be nutrition shenanigans, that will take up most of our time. Especially after the first 3-4 weeks.

The first 3-4 weeks is all about building the foundation and relationship.

It’s usually that 4th week, where you start to slip up and quit. And that’s where we step in, to put the S-curve formula to work.


As I said yesterday… > This is the food album that you should keep and eye on, every other day. As you’ll

get a subconscious daily lesson, on eating S-curvishly.

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