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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a new week. Tons of stuff going on in the world. We’re all connected to it in some way (Most of which is discussed in 121 chats). However…This is S-curve world. So let’s get into it…

This past weekend…

I said that…

”I’m improving things in regards to ME”. Which means …You’re improving too.

And even if I step out of the S-curve formula… The formula itself will continue to improve. As will the experience as a whole.

That… Is the one of many #1 reasons, to officially start.

Remember… ‘Starting’ now looks like this…

– Starting a program?

– Nah…. Starting a new ‘experience’.

Because you are… Just look at how 2017 played out on here @ that fact.


Talking of experience…

In terms of the formula that we’ve been creating these past 5-6 years. As a long term early member and as a new member…

You are constantly benefiting from the collective experience of ‘results getting’. Which is everything that happens > here.

The best ‘outcome example’ of that, is the tweak weeks. Which came about from > these ‘in the trenches’ training sessions last year.

Yup… The results phase shenanigans revealed ‘failure’ every other day. But we were able to fix things instantly.

#1 – Because of past experiences

#2 – Because it was LIVE

This is how we’re able to give those 100% guarantees out to new members.

Like I said yesterday. If you’re not used to succeeding. This stuff will rock your world. The best part of that… Is the increase in happiness levels of the member and the people around them.

There’s been loads of in-person and virtual hugs because of it. Hehe.

And even if I do step away from the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ part of all this. I’ll still most likely be helping in some other part of the experience. Maybe TC2.0. It’s possible. As that has started to happen this year already. Mostly with folks wanting to know how they can live an improved life, in this ‘now’ heavily populated online world.

Revisiting > planning again

A big part of TC2.0, is to totally coming up for air. I know I was ambitious, saying 25 trips in 6 months. But the more you do it, the more successful you’ll be over the long term.

– Less hissy fit moments.

– More clarity, as you’ll constantly confirm that ‘clarity’ in your come up for air moments.

But in the city… Which is where you’ll be most of the time. It can be anything that gives you peace of mind for an hour or more.

That’s when a lot of these newsletters and programs were created.

– In the early days it was a field. As you can see in the early videos via More buzz.

– A roof top pool (Big fave in the past 3 years)

– Roof top bars – Half AC/Half open scenery

Coming up for air is too important. I’ll just show you why @ > long term member Angie. Who like several others @ last weeks newsletters… Were rocking and rolling as active members. As you’ll see on her hall of fame posts (She shredded to smexy… Before we even called it that).

So it’s all about fixing your brain (mental) to keep on top @ physical. Which is probably why you ended upon this newsletter in the fist place. And why we focused on non-workout/nutrition stuff this year. Along with program features like…

– Coming up for air

– Hissy fit management

– FB 121 24/7/365 coaching chats

Let’s reminder blueprint tip

#1 Cheat snacking shenanigans within the S-curve experience

– A lot of Fitbuzzers and S-curve members are sticking around because of this

– It’s become a fave thing

Most people fear the approach of getting real results. Which is why many don’t want to invest the time into doing so. Yet… Everyone wants to look > like this. = Catch 22.

Last week… I talked about our experience with science and real world results. This info has allowed us to know with a lot of certainty… That we can indeed continue to eat our fave foods. Regardless of how they rank @ A-F rated.

It’s all about food timings, portions and frequency. You of course, don’t need to keep this on your mind.

YOU… Just follow what’s given to you on your LIVE update member page.

Which you now get from stage 1. That $10 program – Yup. It starts at stage 1 now, instead of 2, to make the entire experience seamless from stage 1, all the way to stage 4. So the pressure is now officially off

@ becoming a new member.

But for the most part, it looks like this…

> Eat your fave cheat food, right after your main meals.

> Stick to fruit @ most of the times you cheat snack.

> No cheat snacks at night (Even fruit).

> We embrace TGIF/Weekend cheat ‘nights’ (Outside of a stage 3 results phase).

That.. Is how you get results,  keep ‘em and still enjoy your life!


The big news of today… Is that the member page now starts at > stage 1.

Hopefully… This will translate into more Fitbuzzers fully living the S-curve experience, as it says in the pre-headline on More buzz.

Message first. Reply second.


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