Eat for booty or eat to live? (Important gift)

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Crazy butt true (Pun intended)

We’re at the end of May. And it’s the 1st of June tomorrow.

Historically… This is when everyone becomes active again, after having a more ‘chilled out’ May.

Tomorrow marks the first official day of summer (globally). So here’s a little special something I’m going to do, to make your summer rock, all summer long!

– > The already bonus-ed Results Phase (Summer 2018 update)

– $199 now (Not $299 like before – You’ll see how/why I’m able to do this, in just a sec…)

#1 But… I’m making it last for 12 weeks instead 6-8!

#2 And just incase your summer does get busy. And you become less active… I’m going to upload ALL of the S-curve formula materials to your LIVE update member page. With guidance on how to use each step.

#3 And if you don’t want to use the text given guidance. You still have unlimited chats with me, all summer long (Until August 31st… Yup!).

There is no ‘Pay as you go’ (You’re unaffected by this ‘gift’ if you are currently on a pay as you go plan… Since you’re moving at your desired pace already).

You hit that Results Phase Paypal link and you’re ‘locked in’ with all that goodness, up until August 31st!

Crazy butt true… But you also only have until Saturday 2nd June, to take action on this ‘crazy’.

How we’re managing everyone?

Like I said before… We’ve been doing this since 2011. So we have our established ‘processes’ in place.

What’s the catch though? (Because that’s like… $300-$600 off!)

Well… I’ve managed to cut the cost down, by just focusing on…

– O -121 chats (Just us… Communicating as ‘people’ + Results Phase ‘guidance’.

– X – And not 121 coaching chats (Absolute info on what we need to do in the moment) Results Phase tailored process (Which is the norm).

Someone ‘in your corner’ at all times. Regardless of where you are, during your summer 2018 shenanigans.

And going by how I KNOW you’ll live out your summer months… This will make a lot more sense for some of you.

Onwards on this Thursday…

It’s a TBT. And today… We’re going to re-visit the official foods list… That’s organically grown into what that has become today, over on the S-curve member pages.

Just like the Pay as you go…. It works in line with the current day S-curve experience.

So you’ll experience every step of it… Within this order…

> Become S-curvish

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire
> Improved daily lifestyle

> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

There’s about 6 lists in total that we’ll use, during your time as an active member. So let’s look into the details of each one.

#1 Tasty A-rated foods

Because most A-rated foods are boring and tasteless. So we need to make sure that you have meal types on your shopping list, that are NOT. @ Plain foods + Fruit added… Mostly.

Some examples from the on-growing list…

– Muesli + Almond milk + Apple/pear raisins

– Plain yoghurt + Pineapple bits

– Plantain

#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods

This is the list you’ll turn to regularly, when it’s time to take a food shopping trip. The best thing to do, is to print it out. And stick this specific list on your fridge door.

The goal = Food type variety = Boosted physical results.

#3 Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type (Like… Protein in wild rice)

This is how you get away with eating certain meals, without worrying about the S-curve meal structure as much.

#4 Foods that have higher than usual amounts of grams, for it’s food type (Like… Bulgar wheat)This is how you hit your calorie intake, without worrying about calories. And to get content/full… From eating one meal.

#5 Foods that keep you ‘feeling’ full
Examples from the list…
– Bananas
– Dumplins
– Cheat snacking on stuffed crust pizza on TGIF nights/weekends

It prevents you from craving… Which often leads to cheat snacking on D-F rated foods. Which of course will start to fudge up your physical AND mental results.

#6 The restaurant 

This is when we start to have fun, eating out (Eye up the > Pinterest feed on More buzz).

The S-curve meal structure doesn’t know all the foods in existence. It’s just a formula. So no matter where you are in the world… You can start to dig into food menus, with the S-curve formula firmly planted in your subconscious brain.

– Gauge taste
– Gauge ingredients (Steal the ideas if they’re good)

And do this everywhere you go.

I’m in the chats. Go there.


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