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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s been a busy week here, behind the scenes in S-curve world. And life, in general, heated up on the run up to Christmas.
The weekend will be much of the same as a week day ‘for me’. No TC2.0 or anything. But it’s  another day here.

So let’s get into it…

We have created a long term > higher-end experience here. And a part of that experience, is still a program that needs to be followed @ physical/mental/lifestyle fix.

We didn’t invent the concept of what a ‘program’ is. And you’ve seen many ‘programs’ before. So naturally… You’re going to be scared AF (Google that :P), to jump into stage 3 for the first time. Which is why I highlight ‘trust factors’ regularly, to let you know, that I know, what you’re going through mentally.

But one other way… Is for me to step into YOUR shoes. Which means… Trying new things myself and getting scared AF.

Examples =
In 2014

– I began operating all of this from other countries.

In 2017

– I cliff jumped for the first time with FitBuzzers (> This and > this vid).

– I took this newsletter over to FB Messenger chat subscriptions (Steep learning curves involved)

– And something recent, as a part of 2018 ‘planning’. Which I might reveal to you some time soon.

The biggest thing I noticed

, is that I wanted someone in ‘my corner’ to turn to. Someone that’s done what I’m doing in each of those scenarios.

I didn’t want them to do anything ‘for me’. But I just wanted them there. Just incase I start drowning (Pun intended @ cliff jumping).

In S-curve world – I’m still the person that’s in your corner.

The other thing I noticed

, is that I wanted to ‘feel’ some initial results. Like… The entire experience needed to make me feel different, quickly.

– With cliff jumping, it was instant. And it really is the best thing ever. It gets addictive and makes you want to kick yourself that you hadn’t done it earlier.

– With travel… Well. You just need to look at TC2.0 via More buzz.

– With new tech @ Messenger chats…

Email newsletters will always be good. But doing it all via Messenger does feel more ‘121’ and real. Like… We can just jump on a cam or mic instantly, without feeling awkward.

In S-curve world – It’s the 7-14 day noticeable results. As set by S-curve member > Victoria in 2016.

I’ve already talked about the craze that happens, surrounding a person, when they go through that. So we’ll continue to throw out successful noticeable results. I’ve seen it offline and online. It’s positive vibes all around when it happens.


I recently said not to wait too long @ starting new things. Because sometimes… The opportunity cost @ waiting, may be high.

Due diligence will help speed that up.

But in the beginning stages. I was always looking for consistency, from the person(s) that were in my corner, incase I drowned.

This happened when moving to different countries. And in that case… The ‘scared AF’ issue is warranted. In regards o preparing for the move.

In S-curve world – We’re here daily. And have been since 2012. Just take a look at the newsletter timeline via > the archives. It’s been daily.

We all have different levels of ‘comfort zone fever’. Which is why we have stages in place. To help you feel confident at each level, so that you progress.

And the best way to understand YOU. Is by stepping into your shoes. Which I myself, am constantly doing. And is what anyone else who takes my place/works along side me, will be doing.

Message first. Reply second. 


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