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Buzzers… Thursday…

So… I’m on the move again, as this current TC2.0 trip ends. Which has been a trip down memory lane.

And one important thing I’ve learned… Is that the latest iteration into a pay-as-you-go S-curve member model…  Is a lot more relatable to how a lot of you live your lives today.

Even me (I’ve personally, continuously ‘guinea pigged’ new things that have been introduced to you on here,  over the years).

A lot of people have at least some level of remote work/communication going on, in today’s world.

So it simply makes sense to have a digital program in place, that allows you to switch on and off, as you see when and fit.

Because no one month will look the same. Especially now that the year is in full swing. And looking at the schedules of all the people that I met this week. It’s evident that life is truly dynamic.

So ya… A Pay-as-you-go S-curve formula seems very fitting right about now.

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So… Now that’s all cleared up.

Let’s dig into some TC2.0 blueprint tips.

#1 Use these trips to truly relax your body. These are the periods in time, where you allow your body to become 90-100% S-curvish. Since your body will usually be in a muscle wasting state, during your usual ‘busy’ periods.  Taken from one of my many status updates yesterday…

”Eat less + Nutrient dense foods + More sleep”

#2 3-4 days can turn into 7-8 days worth of activities, if you plan everything before hand. Most of you would already know this, if you have a past, travelling the world.

But it’s just a reminder… That you can still enjoy a 2-3 week trip, in a much shorter time frame.

#3 Air bnbs, guest houses and villas… Beat hotels.

You might already know this too.

The key element here… Is less stress from ‘people’. Especially those who are in heavy tourist mode. That’s why TC2.0 is all about finding super duper locations… That are a lot less popular.

I know this too well… As that’s partly the reason why the vibe in S-curve world changed. Since moving to a permanent location that resembles that kind of environment.

There’s probably more to list. But I’ll get into them in another newsletter.

So I’ll see you in the chats/coaching sessions if you’re a member.


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