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Buzzers… Choose today (See what I did there)…

I’m turning 40… I NEED to officially start!


There have been successful S-curve members at all ages. With one very successful minded 19 year old back in 2013, that I never forgot about @ lasting impact.

But the ones who nail it, are the ones who really know what they want out of becoming an official member.

And a lot of times, it’s women aged 35-40.

There aren’t much things in life, that hit you harder, than the fact that you are becoming old as f***. Because you know, that you’re not going to look or feel as hot, if you don’t start living perfect-curvishly.

Yes… Prevention is better than detection.

But life happens. Time passes you by. And boom… You end up on a newsletter like this (It’s OK… I get tons of newsletters from industries outside of S-curve world in my inbox too @ we all need folks in our corner).

Extreme times make you act faster. Like the fact that it’s February right now. And you can only look perfect-curvish for summer 2018, if you start ‘now’ (Seriously).

So what I’m saying in regards to this is…

Don’t become a member, if there’s nothing driving you from within.

Yes… You’re encouraged by…

– > This image
– > This one too

But there must be something from within that’s causing you to want it.

Every single member has had it. All of them. It’s heart felt.

Even me, starting stayfitbug.com. That’s the most heart felt thing I’ve ever put out there. As it’s the only time in my life where I had a ton of stuff to get off of my chest.

An initial set of content runs, that I could never repeat. Because that’s not where my heart is today.

And the world at large obviously appreciates it. As it’s still the most popular @fitbuzz ‘website’ 8 years later.

Today though… It’s about living the S-curve experience.

When you do start

We take things one stride at a time. Nothing is rushed. You’re like a delicate flower in the beginning.

But you must follow my lead. As I’m the current person guiding you through the S-curve formula. As I’ve seen

how this plays out, many many times over.


Quick fire blueprint trips… From my ‘today’ brain

#1 Focus more on hip extension exercise variations (Horizontal + Semi) rather than squats or deadlifts (Vertical).
#2 Pineapple and raisins should always be in your food arsenal @ cheat snack shenanigans.
#3 Start your workouts, doing effective exercises for your struggling body parts.
#4 Do some consecutive Mon/Thurs/Sun workout weeks, if you want less hissy fit moments for a while Yup).
#5 Reply with a specific problem… And I’ll reply/message back with a quick fire solution @ go on… Try me!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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