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Buzzers… Day 7 of week #2…
Relaxing and unwinding continues on for me this weekend. That’s what we do on nutrition focused weekends
> Which is of course, a results booster.
> Which leads to less 7-10 day breaks needed within a 1 year period.
> And of course… Less falling off the wagon. Which is partly the reason why S-curve members have been
wining more consistently in the past 12 months @ S-curve formula shenanigans.

It’s more so about making it a ‘thing’. And not just waiting to feel that we need a break.

We’re going to end the week with more reminders. Just like we have been doing these > past 2 days.

So let’s get into some ‘what not to do’s’ in this lifestyle.

Let’s go…

#1 Cut sugar out of your main meals @ manually adding (Do whatever the fudge you want with cheat snacks though). Use whey and fruit to sweeten your meals.

#2 Limit the frequency at which you do the generic variation of the squat exercise. As it’ll explode the size of your quads and give you a bulky waist (Not an S-curvish one).

You will still do other variations of the squat though. As they shift the load of the weight onto other parts of your body. Like the focused goblet squat (abs) or wide stance squat (inner thighs).

#3 Almost no good morning or deadlift exercises. Especially on a results phase/ + routine… Like Aphrodite Butt Building.

#4 No eating fruit 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#5 Zero saturated fats to enter your guts, 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#6 No more binge cheating is needed.

#7 Less fat intake overall @ keeping the daily intake at 40-50 grams daily.

#8 No more regular/on-going slow-go cardio activities. As doing that, shrinks your butt and makes you look less-curvish.

#9 No more wearing dark colors on purpose, to hide visible fatty areas on your body. Because physical results are > guaranteed here.

#10 Got natural boobs that you want to maintain the size of? Then no more isolation ab exercises (Like sits ups), as that’ll target your upper abs more.

Fat shifts very quickly in this area. Boobs exist in that area… And are all fat. So… No more.

#11 No more seated sit ups from the ground. It does shred your belly. I even got my abs this way. But there are a lot of better exercises that you can do. That feel better to do @ no injuries.

Those are all the important ones, that usually come out of my mouth during everyday chats with people.

The world is full of info. Probably too much. Which is why I still meet people around the world that have no idea of what path they should be taking for the long term.

Which is why you dig deep now., in today’s world. To find solutions that sound right for YOU.

Tis the S-curve experience.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
And if you’re reading this. Then welcome. Just keep soaking it all in. Everyday.

I’m loving it. Past and present members are. And you will too.

Tomorrow… @ new week.

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