Don’t Count Like A Robot In Your Workouts

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One of the key rules about training insane and working out with TRUE and REAL Stay-Fit Bug intensity is that you should break the rules!

And one rule you should definitely be breaking is your rep numbers in your sets.


It is important that you set goals and perform the exercises as desired. But what you shouldn’t be doing is…

  • Set 1: 5 Reps, done, stop, rest
  • Set 2: 7 Reps, done, stop, rest
  • Set 3: 9 Reps, done, stop, rest

That is robotic, and working out like that won’t get you results, especially if your goal is endurance or weight loss.

What you need to do is change your focus to the workout experience. Get connected with the feel of the execise and push your body if you feel that you can. That will get your blood pumping and make you sweat. At this point your body will have no choice but to start speaking out loud.

”Damn dude… what’s going on here? I was having a good time sleeping in comfort!”

If your body is saying that to you every other workout, then you really are going to have to step your game up. Plenty of articles for you to read (check the archives).

Any how, once your body starts to speak, your body will be going through the much needed shock (shock body exercises). And that is when the results game will really begin. So when you workout from now on, focus on the intensity and getting that heart rate going. You might feel absolutely busted the first few times that you do this, but that is the only way to get real results I’m afraid. You really do have to break out of your comfort zone. Easier said then done I know. But practice on getting used to pushing yourself.

If you find that you struggle, then make sure you take some supplements, as most peoples lifestyles don’t allow for a 5-7 meal day everyday. What will probably happen is that you will manage this kind of workout technique quite well the first time, as long as you put the effort in. But then you find yourself fatigued come the 2nd workout. To solve this take the Glutamine supplement mix that I described. Check the post out to see how and why it will help in this scenario.

If you follow all of the above, there is no way that you cannot build the body that you desire, for strength, size or endurance. There are plenty more rule breaking tips to come. Just know that this is an important one to take note of for your workouts.

See you in the comments.

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