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Buzzers… Saturday…

So… The past 2 days has been all about introducing you to the > new stages 1-2. And revisiting stages 3-4 @ the becoming S-curvish part of the S-curve experience.

That’s the first LIVE change that we’ve made to kick start the year.

The price increase on stage 3

It goes up for these reasons…

– You value what you pay more for (Facts). And you’ll use every little part of it because of that ‘fact’.

– The value levels are that much higher.


To get you ready @ before becoming an official member

I’m going to give you a list of ‘not to do’s’. If you’re getting ready to start.

This will at least prepare you for ‘results’. And to speed up the beginning stages of your stage 1-3 journey.

Let’s list some…

– Limit your squats and deadlift numbers – Bigger thighs and a bulky waist is what you might get, when performed in high frequency over the long term.

– Do less exercises that hit your upper abs (The effective exercises too). Like…

> Bicycles and variations of…
> Push up > Burpee > Jump/pull up
> Running on the spot
> Side to side one arm ski swings

= Boob shrinkage

Yup… Those are some of the best exercises that you’ll see in your program. So we’ll usually…

A) ‘Start’ with those effective exercises.
B) Carefully gauge the fat lost.
C) Start getting more precise with the exercises (And nutrition) as you progress towards 90-100%


– Eat less saturated fat.

– No fruit past ‘evening’ dinner time.

– No slow-go cardio.

– No sticking to a workout routine for more than 6 weeks.

– No more cheat ‘meals’ (Cheat ‘snacks’ only).

There’s more. But they’re usually individual specific. I’ll see you in tomorrow’s RECAPO.

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the coming months/years).

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