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It’s time for some S-curve blueprint tips. So let’s get into it..

#1 A-rated ‘tasty’ foods

That’s what it’s all about @ most of the times that you’ll eat, over the long term. But A-rated foods

are not tasty. They’re boring (Unless it’s fruit).

There are many ways to satisfy your taste buds, without resorting to cheat snacks or cheat binges

(Which only happen at big events, like Thanksgiving).

So let’s list some…

– Oats – Boil in water and add raisins/blueberries/chia seeds/goji berries.

– Muesli – Almond milk and apple/pear slices, raisins (This is a big one. Because muesli tastes like

s*** on it’s own. Granola too. Just don’t buy the ones that have pre-packed fruit inside. Do the above instead).

– Brown rice – Add any sauce that is low in fat and/or saturated fat. Especially at dinner time.

– Veggies – Greek cream cheese and most ‘seeds’.

#2 The biggest ah-ha moment ever…

In this current @fitbuzz world. Is when Stage 2 members realise that stage 3 is what changed their

I’ve seen it in person and online. It’s all the same thing. And it’s the same ah-ha reaction every single time.

And in almost all cases. All it took, was for them to have a ‘student mindset’ again.

So that’s the tip. And the tips will only touch… If you leave school and keep a student mindset…

Forever (Yup… A little Sausage Party movie inspiration there. Ha).

#3 There’s a small layer of fat that sits on your side…

You can see it when you twist your body at the waist. It’s almost as hard to lose as lower belly fat.
This is a task for > stage 3 S-curve formula shenanigans. Usually around month 3 and onwards.

But the following exercises will help to shift it…

– Standing/Walking knee to elbow ab exercise

– Full range of motion kneeling leg kick

– Rotary hold exercise variations

The key… Is full range of motion.

You don’t even have to worry about what that means, as an active S-curve member. You just have to

follow your member page updates. Backed up by the stuff that we cover in your 121 chats.

Tomorrow… Enjoy your Sunday.

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