Does yours smell like this?

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Buzzers… Tuesday…


That’s what happens once you become an active S-curve member.

There is no sitting on the sidelines. You are simply heavily involved in the 121 chats and LIVE update member page shenanigans.

Just… Taking action on all of it. That’s how you win.

It’s not about the ‘price tag to become a member’. It’s all about starting and getting involved.

A lot of the time… You’ll receive the ‘service’ first, before you even pay anything, that’s regarded as ‘high end’ or expensive even.


Again… The goal is all about winning.

And to then… Enjoy the rest of the S-curve experience with YOU.

Aka > This!

That’s what becoming a member is all about.

Do you smell like this?

As usual… We rarely talk about ‘just’ becoming S-curvish in the 121 chats/coaching sessions. And one topic that came up… Is ‘fragrances’. And those that you own… That attract the opposite sex.

Yup… Very random. But here was > my answer to that. Ha.

Everyone has their own reasons for becoming S-curvish. But once you do… Understand that you will most likely attract more eyeballs. From both sexes.

I can spot an S-curve bod from far away… When I’m out and about. And it’s a common thing for me to strike up convos with people who do look S-curvish.

Having that bod in place, is a great thing. So if you want in on all the excitement. Just reply or > go here.

Either way… You’ll end up on the 121 chats and LIVE update member pages.

Quick fire blueprint tips day #2

#7 Calorie counting only needs to happen, once you reach 60-70% S-curvish. And/Or… You want to succeed beyond that level.

#8 It’s the summer season now. So it’s OK, to live on your Tailored Daily Exercise videos, instead of on your main workouts. Especially if your spring/summer has become eventful already.

#9 Use post notifications on and on our social media profiles.

Just do it… You’re being S-curvishly fixed (Mentally), without even realising that it’s happening.


#1 Message first, reply second
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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