Do You Workout On Sundays?

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It’s always interesting to find out what peoples weekly workout schedules are.


Well… knowing someones schedule reveals their lifestyle and how they like to live. Their work/ life balance and possible flaws in their system, which may sometimes be the reason why they are not seeing the results that they desire.


A full weak of strict heavy weights, pushing every set to failure (Which can lead to real over training)

That’s why last Sunday, I decided to pop the question to one of the communities surrounding Stay-Fit Bug. Facebook to be specific. And there were some interesting responses.

Take a look…

The Status Update Thread

Janet Darbey

Who makes Sunday a workout day? Well…..officially no, I am not at the gym…..but yes, I am power walking on the mountain, rocketing up and down the swimming pool or out dancing and having fun…it doesn’t have to be all lifting weights does it?

Shaun Sinclair

Nope. And those are the exact type of activities one should take up when not in the gym. All in the name of fitness fun!
Janet Darbey

I have also invented speed shopping workouts, minimum time racing round supermarket for the weeks shopping….. speed spring cleaning of the house…. if I beat my own time I can watch physique tv for an hour. I can also get showered , dressed and ready to go out in just ten minutes…….. all good cardio…… and a popular one with my husband who hates waiting for people to get ready!

Shaun Sinclair

Some nice additions there for sure.

Brian Zingler

Not I!
18 July at 13:39

Jo Callaghan

My rest day. πŸ™‚
18 July at 13:40

Dani Malal

Yeah me too…
18 July at 13:41

Mike R

Cheat day
18 July at 13:42

George PhatBoi Leyva

β€Ž<– workout day
18 July at 13:43

Shaun Sinclair

β€Ž4-1 not in favor of so far…
18 July at 13:45

Mary Ann Donnarumma Kobes

Not only is Sunday a workout day for me, but it is always my day 1. That being said, today may be the exception, lol
18 July at 13:51

Sudipto Ghosh

Add me in to a workout day..
Sunday can never wasted for a drill..a swimming day..nd Cardio punches..
18 July at 13:53

Shaun Sinclair

β€Ž@Mary Stop being lazy! πŸ˜‰
18 July at 13:56

Shaun Sinclair

Swimming can be seen as fun and fitness
18 July at 13:57

‘Julia Erika Dorantes’

Sunday is the best day to workout!
18 July at 14:23

Shaun Sinclair

And why do you think so Julia?
18 July at 14:24

‘Julia Erika Dorantes’

There is nobody at the gym and I have all the mirrors for me and only me!
18 July at 14:37

Shaun Sinclair

Ah yes.. that is one bonus for sure.
18 July at 14:40

Leo Collins

Sunday is a great workout day for me because I can sleep in a bit longer before going there and can take my time as i don’t have to go to work afterwards! Monday might be a better day to take off instead imo.
18 July at 17:10

Shaun Sinclair

β€Ž@Leo Do you take 2 days off in a row?
18 July at 17:16

Leo Collins

Sometimes… usually its 3 on 1 off and 3 on followed by 2 off. I might spend an off day on the treadmill or just walking somewhere. Usually I listen to my body when it comes to if I need to workout or if another day off is needed.
18 July at 17:18

Brian Ahlstrom

No rest days for this guy!
18 July at 17:20

Shaun Sinclair

You must have 1 at least. Or you truly do have stacks of lean muscle mass. Otherwise you would die…
18 July at 17:23

Shaun Sinclair

Surprise surprise (I just had a look at his profile)… you do… and lots of it πŸ˜‰
18 July at 17:31

Brian Ahlstrom

Lol, 5 days training, 2 days cardio. I am in precontest mode so no days off completely.
18 July at 18:03

Shaun Sinclair

Makes sense Brian… makes sense. Most people don’t have ‘that much’ lean muscle mass, which you know, can take time to build. But as mentioned last week, once you have it, options are at hand.. such as taking breaks without worrying about losing huge amounts of mass.
18 July at 18:07

Zachary Gfh Newhouse

Heading to the gym in a few minutes!
18 July at 18:20

Shaun Sinclair

Hmmm… looks like a 50/50 split for the Sunday workout.
18 July at 18:21

Ryan Lund

Interval w/ heavy bag workout & kettlebells, of course wearing a MuscleFire shirt too – (Ryan promoting himself here XD)
18 July at 19:31

Jesus Fuentes

I did today…..
18 July at 21:34

Shaun Sinclair

Off day tomorrow?
18 July at 21:35

Jesus Fuentes

No, played racquetball Saturday. Today was a light workout. Monday starts with a good intense chest workout.
18 July at 21:42

Shaun Sinclair

Good stuff. And as usual. ‘The only way to train is to train insane!’
18 July at 21:45

Josh Dakin

I do, usually just cardio
19 July at 01:47

Shaun Sinclair

A less intense workout for Sunday?
19 July at 01:49

Josh Dakin

Nah i tear it up, lots of running and MMA training. I’m soaked by the time im finished = )
19 July at 01:56

Shaun Sinclair

A bunch of train insane enthusiasts here. Love it!!!
19 July at 01:57

George Poth

I don’t have a rest day. I lift weights on Mon + Thu, running workouts are on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, and boxing on Mon, Wed, and Fri. No way to get a rest day here.
19 July at 18:20

Shaun Sinclair

You must also have stacks of lean muscle mass. But didn’t you train at performance level like myself?
19 July at 18:27

George Poth

Mustn’t grumble about lean mass for my 43 years. I do sprint training mainly because it’s the best way to keep fat off and to build some serious lean mass on the lower body. I do some lifting to keep it balanced with the upper body. My actual thing is boxing, but without the other two it’s like having butter with no bread.

19 July at 23:12

Shaun Sinclair

Well if you’ve been training for a while and still good with it, you will no doubt be eternally ripped.
19 July at 23:15

Now, I wouldn’t like anyone to miss out on the party. So… today I’m bring the ‘party’ question over to the site.

Do you workout on Sundays?

See you in the comments.


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