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Buzzers… Wednesday…

It’s been a pretty focused week here, behind the scenes. Reasons @ why… Are to make everything you see on here, more awesome and relevant to YOU.We’ll get back into some actionable blueprint tips shortly… After we finish going over the final (And most fun part) of the S-curve experience, after ‘becoming S-curvish’.

Let’s get into it…


This was kind of a natural progression into this. But it started from travelling around and shooting workout videos from ‘anywhere’, back in 2011.

That’s not really about the travelling though. That’s more about showing you, that you can do all of this, whilst

on the move.

And that’s only the working out side of it.

It’s the 121 coaching from anywhere… Which is the real big help.

Because you have someone in your corner, who is in your pocket, right there with you, 24/7.

But all of that travelling around, opened up the vision, to embrace actual trips, that also help your mental state. Which you now know, is the main thing we need to fix, when you become an S-curve member.

I started it off in London, UK. Then Europe for a while. And then Asia. Which is still going on today.

And if you’ve been watching. You’ll already know it’s been epic.

And if you’re in the US. And want to do TC2.0. Then we have daily posts > like this + a new post that contains two destinations lists, over on

Actionable S-curve blueprint tips#1 Exercises that trigger fast noticeable results

– High tension standing lunges

– Hanging half leg raises

– Standing knee to elbows (Arms held out, as if you were doing pull ups)

– Standing hyper extended leg lifts

Remember though… It’s all about US… Finding specific things that work for YOU. That’s what will help the most. Especially over the long term.

#2 Cheat snacking favoritesPineapple – Because it tastes good, is A-rated… And you can’t binge cheat on it, due to it’s sweetness.

Brown bread with raisins inside – It’s yummy on it’s own, is actually not a cheat snack (It’s ‘food’)… And is A-rated.

Bananas – Is A-rated (Like all fruits). But eating this will make you feel full. Which will keep hunger at bay. Which leads to less cheat binging on D-F rated foods (Chocolate, potato chips).

I’m 100% ‘present’ today. So Messenger is where you need to go, to ask me anything.


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the coming months/years).

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