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Enter: New tees

We’re in the official summer months now. So there have been new T-shirt/Tank designs added to the

store. Starting with > this one @ today’s headline (Just ask if you don’t know what a ‘lottle’ means).

A stage 1 program for everyone.

I recently announced the > name change of the stage1 program last week.

So today… We’re going to do the first month of that program, for some current body issues that come up.

But only in terms of the workout.
Let’s go…

Shrink the arms

> Light/medium weight
> Tricep extension variations
> High reps (12-15)
> 3-4 sets
> 4 times a week

Hit the upper butt for S-curve shaping

(Requires long term assistance for sure… As it’s one of the hardest body parts to change)

– Hyper-extended hip extension exercises
– Do that with standing lunges
– The top exercise progression exercise for hip thrusts and kneeling hip extension exercises
– Hard sprints

Lower abs

– Add super reps to leg raise variations
– Running on the spot (The S-curve way)
– Isolate your torso on every single exercise that you do

Kill the back fat

I’m personally doing that right now… Since I’m shredding the unwanted build up of fat that occurred during

that particular bulk.

And it’s working… You’ll see the results in FB pics ‘naturally’, if you’re added.

But I won’t be doing the following. The following is for you…

Start with this S-curve bodyweight circuit…

– Push up > Burpee > Pull up > Hanging bicycles x 6 reps until failure

– One arm side to side ski swings

– HIIT cardio via swimming ‘lengths’

Don’t ask why that routine will trigger the result. Just do it… And ask why, once you see the result.

The approach that you see above will be different for everyone. As everyone starts with a different set of

issues every time.

Which is why the > tweak weeks came about. As it puts you through the tailoring process… Without having

to do live coaching chats.

Which makes things easier whilst on a lifestyle phase.

Reply and add below to talk, add yourself to the new @fitbuzz bot and > More buzz for

everything else.
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