Do you know where your butt has been? (Video)

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Lol… Can you imagine how crazy that would be. If you didn’t know. And… If I was talking about, what you KNOW you thought I was talking about. Ha.

But of course… What I’m talking about, is knowing and tracking everything that you’ve done before ending up on this newsletter.

As it tells a story on where you should be heading to next. In terms of pushing forward in this lifestyle.

Kinda like what I did with > this back story.

I certainly wasn’t intending to be talking with you (Ladies) at that time. And more recently… To be talking more with the ‘guys’ again. Most of whom are your partners/husbands. But here we are.


The reason why this topic is important. Is because almost everyone swears blind, that they’ve tried everything to change their situation @ physical results. But with no current day success.

And it’s BS… It’s been proven time and time again, that ANYONE can be changed.

Examples that always come to mind =
> Yani @ SHE thought getting ‘that body’ wasn’t possible, after trying ‘stuff’.
> Victoria @ ‘FRIENDS’ who tried to tell her that she was wasting her time (What great friends she had).
Which is one reason for having past members come on the possible new S-curve member podcast. To just talk about ‘everything’.

And it’s also why we have those > questions on day #1. To dig into your life more. Because doing so, makes you remember where your butt has been.

Like… Taking you back to school and re-remembering folks that you forgot about (Unless they’ve already found you on Facebook).

So today… I’m going to continue on with yesterday’s blueprint tips workouts. And give you example workout solutions for shredding to smexy AND becoming S-curvish.

I’ll do video versions and send them individually if you start on > stage one. Although that’s kind of useless now. And is only there to get you started in the S-curve experience. So just start on stage two/three and use the video(s) as an extra routine for your LIVE update member page.

Shredding to smexy S-curve bodyweight circuit (Intermediate)

> The following is one circuit. Which is to do one exercise for one set, until failure. And then to head straight into the next exercise with no rest.

> Hits the upper body to lower body (In order).

– Push up > Knee over elbow combo (Ankle weights on)

– Light dumbbell/R-band standing single arm overhead tricep extension (‘Perfect form’ reps)

– Normal variation bicycles with a 2 second hold at each 5th rep (Ankle weights are still on)

– Walking bodyweight lunges

– Full Range Of Motion kneeling leg kicks (Ankle weights still on)

Take the ankle weights off when you repeat the circuit.

Becoming S-curvish (Home weights or gym)

> No reps and sets. As it’ll be different for everyone.

– High tension standing lunges with dumbbells in each hand

– Squat > calf raise (all angles) combo exercise

– Kneeling ‘high’ leg lifts with ankle weights on (Gotta take your time on this one)

That’s what a short splits routine looks like. Which feels great when you’re busy @ life.

That’s it… I’m off. But in true S-curve experience fashion… I’ll be ‘mobile’ and on the move. Just like you. So reply to talk. And More buzz for those daily updates and everything else.


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Rare P.S.

Today’s > daily update video, is the OOTN-curvish goal… Of the overall goal that now sits at the top of More
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