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Buzzers… Saturday…


This weekend @ ‘me’… Is all about enjoying my new fixed sleeping pattern (Yup)
– No TC2.0
– No movie shenanigans
Sometimes… It’s just the simple things that keep you fixed in this journey @ life. A lot which we’ve thrown into the S-curve formula.
– 60% non workout/nutrition stuff
– 3-6-12 months @ > scenarios
– S-curve experience (> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips)
– Going LIVE + 121 coaching/life chats
Wanna know why the focus has turned towards those areas, in recent years on here?
Because all the Fitbuzzers who added… Became long term members or are about to… All have a life!
No one here is treated like 1’s and 0’s, or some kinda robot. There’s families, deaths in families and a whole ton of real life s**t happening. That’s why we’ve been moving away from a physical results ‘only’ approach.
Picture this…
– An S-curve member is posting priceless moments with their families over the holidays on FB.. And then… The newsletter or even direct messages that they (You) receive, has a vibe, where we just want you to start today and become S-curvish only?
That’s just crazy!
That’s like sitting at a dinner table, discussing a topic and bringing up a completely random, non-relative topic. Like…
Person #1: So… Hows the girlfriend Jeff?
Person #2 answers: It’s better to hand wash that top you have on, instead of machine wash…
I don’t even need to explain further (My gosh).
That’s also why we didn’t get into all the typical Black Friday stuff this year (Past few years actually). And to instead… Focus on a > fall season offering that’s inline with the goals we’ve been working towards for the past 1-2 years or so.
So ya… It’s a real heart felt and ‘human’ transition into an S-curve experience.
We’ll recap tomorrow. But I’ll leave you with some blueprint tips before you enjoy the rest of your day…

#1 40 grams of fat for an epic butt/teeny tiny waist 

Newbies find it hard to believe that 40 grams of fat a day, can be achieved @ keeping it that low. And it is… If you don’t follow the S-curve meal structure. At which point, you’ll hit 100-120 grams daily.100 grams daily… Is what’s keeping you less-curvish. Especially if you already have a high BF%.

40 grams daily looks like this…

– Breakfast

> Egg yolk (From one egg)

> Or seeds

– Lunch

> Fish oil/olive oil
> Avocados

– Some fat before bedThat’s what most days will look like.

> Cheat snacking will happen every other day. Which may spike it to 60 grams. But that’s OK. Because You’ll curb cravings, be happier and will still look great @ ‘soft lean’ goals.

So there… 40-50 grams daily is easy to stick to @ never over complicate.

Oh… And make sure that your pre/post workout = liquid fruit and not solid.

#2 Your kids will follow what you do. So start living S-curvishly, as soon as…
#3 A-rated foods… You will get bored of eating these foods. Which will make you quit. So spread your meals into A-C rated meals. A = Chicken breast C = A ‘good fat’ sauce.
Message first. Reply second. And > More buzz for everything else.




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