Do What Makes You Happy (Screw What ANYONE Else Thinks)

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OK… It’s Rant time!!!!

Ok, Ok… it’s not really rant time. But it’s time to re-enforce the saying…

‘Screw what anyone else thinks’

What exactly am I on about? I’m not talking about what your friends, family, or whoever thinks about what you do in fitness. By now, they’ve realized you’re going to be an almighty fitbugger for life, while they rot in the pits of Hades. Dying fast twitch muscle fibers and the like.

What I am talking about however, is those gym rats that strike a conversation with you, just to drain energy from your positive successful muscle building and fitness self. Here’s what I mean…


‘Hey, man, do you mind if I jump in with the sets with you on bench press?’

‘Ya, sure dude’

‘Thanks man, I’m just getting back into the groove. I’ve been away from the gym for 18 months while suffering from an injury, so I’ll be starting light’

‘Sure, no problem’

‘So what are you lifting’

‘Well, right now, I do 1 x 5 reps, 1 x 5 reps, 1 x max reps progressive weight’

‘Ah ok, cool. But dude, you need to be doing more reps man, for your height you should be bigger’ <— Errr assumption (And dude is actually in no position to question anyone with his current physique)

‘Well, I like my size, and my goal is strength progression. Besides, I’m just ‘maintaining right now” <—Looks at physique again

‘Ok cool, but you need to be getting in more reps man, and what you currently bench for your height is not enough. How much can you squat? If you master the squat, your bench will increase’ <— Err, did you not hear the last sentence?

‘Yes, compound exercises can work hand in hand with each other. But right now, I’m cool with everything I have going on’ <— (Guy is still currently physically weaker and visually crap in comparison at this time)

Bench pressing commences, while the argument instigator continues to push less (The Irony).

Now, I’m pretty sure many of you have struck up conversations with individuals like these at some point or another. And I’m here to tell you, when this kind of conversation happens, screw what ANYONE else thinks, and do what makes YOU happy. In the above scenario, there was probably also an element of ‘hate’ in the air too. Think about it, someone who had previously had fitness success, who now has a failing body, speaking to someone who is on the ‘right’ side of having a uber fitness body and lifestyle. That’s classic hate mentality right there. Yes, we can’t all control the things that happen to us in life. Sometimes putting a halt on our efforts to stay fit. But being on the ‘downer’ is no excuse to try and draw away the positive energy from someone who is high on the fitness lifestyle.

I won’t talk much more about this, as I think I’ve made my point here. Just do me a favor and screw what anyone else thinks. The Fit Bug cannot be eradicated 😛


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