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Todays headline…
If so…Just start from > stage one and work your way through to stage 3.

Seriously… Watching everyone else start and succeed… With you sitting there on the sidelines, is no good

for anyone.

So… If the ‘trust levels’ are high enough (in your eyes). Then start.

Because everything that is the ‘now’ S-curve formula, is what’s causing these physical, mental and spiritual

improvements in S-curve members lives.


Yesterday’s challenge accepted

You know that these newsletter are created, based on the events that happened the day before, right?

Well… With yesterday’s ‘many’ meet ups… Someone challenged me to create a newsletter topic ‘on the spot’.

I told them that the newsletter is created, based on the events that happen throughout the day. And one of the

the conversations, was about helping two brothers gain 14 pounds of muscle in 30 days, using the S-curve formula.

But of course… It’s women (You) that we’re dealing with, here on the newsletter. So I switched it, to relate to

a woman.


Target and ‘trigger’ the fix of the following body parts. With super effective exercises.


– Bicycle single leg raises with a 3 second hold at each 5th rep

– Super rep leg raises


– Super rep clam

– Hyper extended standing lunge with a dumbbell held at your chest


– Tricep push ups (Which variation, depends on your level of exercise progression on > bronze/gold).

– Barbell bicep curls with drop sets until failure


– 3 step calf raises

– Toes pointed inwards and outwards using heavy weight

Shoulders/Lats area

– All 4 variations of the standing barbell row

– The face pull > pull apart combo exercise with light dumbbells

Just add the exercises to your workouts, on the days that you’re going to work each body part.

You’ll see some of this stuff in the > tweak weeks program too. Because that’s why it was created in the

first place. For these kind of reasons.

Either way…. Doing the above, will trigger some 30 day ‘noticeable results’ changes.

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