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Or some other body part @ becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish

Buzzers… Sunday…


Of course… You have to take action. But you’ll do a lot less. If you focus on doing the absolute necessary @ any given time.

Like… People always ask me what I eat and do to keep my current shape.

And it really is not a lot. Of course… You’ll have some work to do if you look a total, or near mess. But you don’t have to do much, once you have a great foundation ‘body’ to build on.

Here’s what I personally do.

– Eat 4 S-curvish meals a day.
– Do a Stage 3 Short Splits Routine 3-4 times a week (A 20 minute workout).
– Do one exercise variation for calves (The body part I struggle to grow… Compared to any other body part).

That’s it.

That’s what Stage 4 will look like for most folks.

It’s at this point… When you can focus on other fun parts of the S-curve experience. Like TC2.0 weekends.

Anyway… Let’s > RECAPO.

– What it means to start at stage 1. And the value chain you go through along the way.
– Blueprint tips.


– An extension of what it means to start on stage 1-4.
– A blueprint tip that wasn’t even a blueprint tip.
– Remembering what it’s like for you, as a newsletter reader.
– Blueprint tips.
– The things you’re messing up on, even if you don’t realise it.
– Introducing an update to stages 1 to 4.
– Re-explaining the importance of stage 3 (If your trust levels on here are high enough… Just start there).
– Some stuff that you should no longer do, if you want to look-curvish.
A new week is coming. Be ready.


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