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Buzzers… Saturday…

Yesterday… I mentioned that I’ve known many of you for well over 3 years (More like 5 years +).

Which means, that you have seen how we’ve evolved on here… Into today’s ‘S-curve experience’.

And quite a few 121 coaching chats… Reveal that a lot of you have an interest for expanding your financial status. Which has lead to some interest, on how things work in S-curve world, on the business end.

Now… There hasn’t been a 121 ‘business coaching’ model in place, as such… In the 121 coaching chats.

But the topic does get discussed. And tips do get passed on.

The one area that I have discussed publicly. Is in regards to > You can optional. But only in relation to how that industry, can improve how we do things in S-curve world.

However… If improving your financial status is a goal of yours. And you’re looking for solid options on how to do that. Then signing up on the website that’s listed on ‘you can optional’, is one way you can do that.

There’s an aggressive way = Quick return on investment, more risk and more skill sets required.

There’s a invest and hold way = You’d need to act within the next 28 days. And how much you invest, is up to you (Risk level you want to take).

This is only specific to members who have shown an interest in the business side of S-curve world.

And I’ll constantly be sharing with you, what I know. Since I have a past in the finance world. And have been pretty active again, in the past 18 months.

This is a good fit. Because we have built up that trust level over the years.

And even though you are interested. Understand that, for now. Anything that is discussed between us in these areas, will be ‘mild’ tips and teachings.

The area that will always be 1000% intense. Will be in regards to working the S-curve formula and living it up via the S-curve experience. Because that’s what we have become experts in.

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