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Buzzers… Pre humpday…
Do More ALL, with less…
We’re entering October soon. And it’s usually where things heat up, living your life how you have been from Jan to August. After a quieter September @ getting back to a normal schedule. Which means… You’ll probably do more ‘in the city’ shenanigans @ S-curve experience (That’s been ME, for the past 4 months).

For many… September is a ‘new year’ kinda month. Which means you’re busy setting up new s*** in your

life. With kids, work or whatever… Putting out fires and dealing with natural disasters.

Again… This is all ‘usually’. It’s different for everyone. As I mentioned > here.

But if your life does look like the above. Then once again… Understand, that starting as an official member is what will help fix/improve your lifestyle.

Because the only things you need, to start fixing YOU, Is…

– A mobile device for chats and videos
– An internet connection
– A workout mat, park, weights at home and a gym 20% of the time

That’s it.

Which means you need no extra time at all when you ‘start’. You simply DO… What’s given to you.

All of that, aligns with what the S-curve experience is all about.

And… Is the way a lot of the world has started to live. Which is remotely (At least more than ever before). In a lot of industries. Which is what I can see when I go to these > meet up events.

– Programmers
– Accountants
– Private club owners

– All kinda professional folks

It’s like…

– Lap top
– Airbnb
– Bars, restaurants, coffeeshops

Either way… The way things have become in the past few years. Makes the goal, that now sits on the top of > More buzz, so much easier to achieve.

And… Because we’re working so closely together. Being LIVE, every other day… You don’t have to worry

about dealing with shady payment processes that some gyms put you through.
Do ALL, with less FTW.
About yesterday…
Do reply, if you’re up for doing the possible S-curve member podcast.

It’s not a big deal if it doesn’t happen. But I know it’s a lot of fun and memorable. From doing a similar thing

way back when.

And now… To leave you with some ‘learned from doing’ blueprint tips…

#1 The most important thing @ getting results from food

– Increasing your total calorie intake and sticking to it daily
– Food variations
– Meal timing

That’s it. I’m personally testing things year after year on myself too. And all of the above, is what it is.

If you ‘just’ do that. You’ll see improved results in > this time frame.

#2 With workouts… We have long time proven routines

– Aphrodite Butt Building (Growing into an S-curve)
– S-curve bodyweight circuits (Shredding into an S-curve)

They just work and always will!

Most of the public videos are motivation focused today.

But in the beginning. I created all of the vids. Where tips are given throughout. Vids that are closer to what the official routine videos look like.

So give those > a ‘look’. But don’t follow those!


Again… You’re busy with life. It’s all about continuing your current life, in an improved way!

You don’t need to put extra things into your schedule, so that you become even busier. Nope, nope and nope.

– That’s why you’re doing this stuff within your current lifestyle.

– Which is why we created the short splits routine this year (I’ve been doing it since March and fudging love it).

– Why we have an updated official foods list.The following (From that list) relates to what we’re talking about


#5 Foods that keep you feeling full
#6 The restaurant food approach

Enough talk. Do ALL, with less. Reply to talk and add below.


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