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So… In Tuesdays newsletter. We dug deep into becoming an S-curve member partner.

But today, we’re going to dig even deeper into that part of the Xperience. Because there is a current trend happening right now. Where a lot of long time followers, who work full time jobs. Are starting/have started their own businesses.
A lot of them are quickly finding out how much of a challenge it can be, to get things off the ground. In addition to having a full time job.
But here’s the thing…
These folks aren’t starting a business because they want more money. Nope!
What they are after, is more fulfilment (In their work) and enjoyment from life. Aka… Living > some variation of the S-curve Xperience.
And this is where we dig deeper… Helping to kick start that much needed traction.
If that sounds like you. You already know about riding the wave, that exists with our current traffic/followers/audience/fans/members/partners, that we’ve built up over the past decade.
But the first thing we need to do. Is to get you rocking and rolling, as a product vendor… Using an affiliate program. The same way that Amazon.com does. But much more personal and closely connected.
It’s what our > current partners have done over the past 5-7 years. Using the > following platform.
With that in place… You are setting yourself up… To invite many more qualified partners, to help boost the speed and income of your business.
And ‘speed’ is definitely what you need.
The big goal here.. Is more time and freedom for YOU (And the important people in your life).
You’ll have more time on your hands… As sales are being created for you, from the efforts of others. All of whom, are located in many different parts of the world.
You’ll have more freedom. As you’ll have less money worries.
And best of all… You’ll have more time to spend, working with us and your other partners.

Where it gets really interesting

It’s all about building a foundation of individuals… Who are all on the same page. All of whom, are interested and value the same things in life.
It’s already been happening. Which is why we’ve organically evolved into an S-curve Xperience. Most of which… Consists of areas and industries outside of ‘fitness’.
So… You now have a team of global individuals, supporting your new business.
And in addition to that. You yourself, could embrace the main part of the member program. Which is to get your folks involved in Becoming S-curvish, via our main S-curve program.
What we like to do with some of the earnings. Is spend it on/with those who become S-curve members.
Via meet ups, Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. It’s an extension of the ‘bonding’ that has already commenced. Which is why it works so well. As everyone who turns up, is already on the same page.
YOU… Could do the same thing with your program partners.

Another boost

Another thing that you should add to your website. Is a > Messenger app button.


This will make it easy for your potential customers to message you.


To conclude

Remember… The ultimate goal here. Is to live YOUR best life, in your best body, with your favorite people.
Implementing the above, will help with that. If you are one of the people who has started a new business.

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