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These are…
1) Snippets and an introduction into the topic discussed.
2) All posts are related to what you’ll usually be doing on that day. In general… A protocol S-curve Xperience week looks like this…
Monday – Thursday
– Work life
– 1-2 hour ‘Come up for air’ moment. Often times… During/After an S-curve workout….
Friday – Sunday
– ‘Come up for air’ for entire days… Some place local to home.
– 2-4 day Travel-curvish 2.0 trips…
Today… We’re going to highlight some recent posts. And dig deeper into them. Right here on this newsletter. Instead of reminding you that a new newsletter has been posted.

Let’s dig….


Growing and shaping your butt

As many of you may know. The goal of shaping and fixing ones body, isn’t a high priority any more, with the larger majority of people who are present in S-curve world.
Mindset and lifestyle fixing however… IS. Which is why supplements like Nootropics, are growing in popularity.
Hunter focus
Hunter focus
We’re an S-curve Xperience. Which means more and more of us are living and working wherever we want.
And for us to continuously be effective at living this way. Our brains need to be functioning at a higher than optimal level. Hence… Supplements like the above and whatever food and supplements you start seeing listed > here and > here.
Butt still (Pun intended). It’s a goal that everyone wants. Women AND men. Even if the guys don’t want to admit that fact.
Expanding on the above Insta mini blog post…
Yes… It’s not the easiest part of the butt to build. But you can definitely trigger your muscle fibers to change and grow, in order to build a noticeable upper butt.
The exercises
That video above is just a start. And over the years… We created S-curve member video workout routines. That include the most effective exercises for triggering the muscle group in question.
In this case… The butt.
Honorable mentions
– The clam (Super reps – Where you count down 5 seconds throughout each rep).
– The 45 degree standing/laying abduction with a dumbbell rested on your leg.
– Hyperextended standing side to side leg lifts with > ankle weights on
Note: Expect to see GREAT improvements in this area of your plan, after 60 days. Just like Victoria did.
You’ll also see many different variations of these effective exercises. Being performed by S-curve world associates, in these videos…
Note: Each common exercise (Squat/deadlift/pull up) , has about 10-15 different variations.
What you see there however. Mostly exists for motivation/entertainment purposes.
The thing that will REALLY help you in this department. Is the videos that are designed and recorded for you ONLY! The moment you become a member in the > Skin in the game’ program..
‘REALLY’… Because there are different variables as to why an exercise will be effective for YOU.
– Your workout and exercise history
– Your daily life schedule
– Your ability to workout intensely, consistently
– The foods you eat
– How often you’re present in the 121 coaching chats
We know this… Because of the 1000’s of S-curve members we’ve worked with
Growth and change is pretty much guaranteed when you follow > Your S-curve meal structure, along with the 121 coaching chats.
This is also the point when > these supplements need to be present in your kitchen cupboards.
Along with supplements like Xtend. That we are currently playing with.
Xtend blueberry
Or even with Ultima Replenisher… To get even more specific with nailing the nutrients that are required to enter your guts.
ultima replenisher
Ultima Replenisher

To conclude

The above is indeed a deeper extension of that Insta mini blog post. Just remember that the complete solution. Is us… Working in real time, every other day for 1-3 months at any given time.


The good morning hissy fit

This is arguably the no.1 thing that we NEED to get rid of. When it comes to improving your results.
We’ve been at this for 10 years now. So it’s OLD news… That 80% of what needs to be fixed. Exists in your head space.
Because the workout and nutrition shenanigans is all science matched real life experience. And if a robot followed the S-curve formula. It would succeed every time.
But you… Are human. And people have emotions. Which affects their decision making.
One way that we control your emotions, to aid your results. Is by giving you constant moments of euphoria aka happiness.
– The 121 coaching chats
– The daily social media posts
– Applying this video (4-6 week)
And the noticeable results during those moments.
All of which… Improves your confidence and the way you decide to start conducting yourself on a daily basis.
Because at this point. And during your time as an active ‘Skin in the game’ member. You’ll no longer feel insecure about your appearance.
You’ll no longer think that people are looking at the parts of you that YOU are insecure about.

To conclude

We could dig deeper on this post. But we’ve already done that. Back when we created the official Blueprint tips list. Namely these posts….
Now… Just remember to direct message via this page. Or in the newsletters, if you receive them via FB Messenger. As what we discuss… Becomes the topics of the future newsletters.

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