Digging deeper into the S-curve Xperience (Elements)

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We’re digging deeper into all of these areas…

– Buzzcoin

– Travel-curvish 2.0

– The S-curve member partner program

–  The S-curve program

However… Only the areas that come up in the 121 chats that we have with all of YOU, daily. So let’s get into it…

Becoming an S-curve member partner

For example… An old friend/follower, recently started a business selling her art work. 
And if you’ve started a business.. You’ll know how hard it can be in early years  to get things moving. And the time commitment it takes. Especially if you’re an adult that currently works.
HINT: Start things before you become an adult. Oldie but goldie rule. But people often realise this too late.
She currently works. Has some traction. But needs more.
Today… Advertising is expensive. And if you don’t spend money on advertising. Then you’ll need to spend time. 
All of this comes at some level of cost!
We’ve been at this for 10 years now. And have evolved into a (S-curve) platform, for the people who follow and/or live this lifestyle.
Becoming an S-curve member partner doesn’t always mean you have to get people involved in the main S-curve program (Become S-curvish… Like…)
'Come up for air' S-curve #workout moments + #fashion is a 'thing' @josineves
‘Come up for air’ S-curve #workout moments + #fashion is a ‘thing’ @josineves
You could simply be a fan of the Xperience. Living the Xperience. Naturally taking pics and vids of your daily life (Xperience).
You can then send your favorite pics/vids to us. And we’ll post them throughout all of our channels for free.
That’s 100% free exposure. And if you do have anything to offer the world, on your profiles. Then all of the S-curve world folks will see that.
For Diana, we got her on on-going placement posts. Which takes our visitors to her art work.
We also got her set up on > this platform… Which will give her a 2nd option for more business awareness.
It’s all relative. Because ‘painting’… Is an S-curve world ‘come up for air’ shenanigan. Like…
It’s these relationships that enrich the S-curve Xperience as a whole.
So if any of the above sounds like something you would want to get into, during your time here. Just send a DM. On any of our platforms. Namely Messenger and Instagram.

Supplements and food

There’s been a lot of posts related to the final parts of the S-curve meal structure recently. Which is all of us, eating whatever the fudge we want, towards 60-100% S-curvish.
Wether ‘Coming up for air’ or on TC2.0 trips.
#Feeding the #monster #OOTD-curvishly @yaganmoore
#Feeding the #monster #OOTD-curvishly @yaganmoore
'Coming up for air' #OOTD-curvishly... Feeding  the #monster with whatever the fudge we want @annanystrom
‘Coming up for air’ #OOTD-curvishly… Feeding the #monster with whatever the fudge we want @annanystrom
We of course, created an > entire ‘epic’ article in relation to this.
But let’s talk about it some more @ current day.
Today… We use ‘Eating whatever the fudge we want’ (Fudge is our word for fu*k) and still look 60-100% S-curvish. As a strategy to get you involved.
Especially if you sit on the sidelines, watching everyone else succeed.
#Feeding the #monster (#body/#butt) in a #bikini @rosanna_cordoba
#Feeding the #monster (#body/#butt) in a #bikini @rosanna_cordoba
Because the fact of the matter is… That the working folks that we meet daily. DO NOT look forward to adding extra work into their daily lives.
Especially if they have family commitments.
What they (Some of you) do look forward to. Is living an improved lifestyle. And to have more fun. Aka enjoy yourself more.
Which is why Travel-curvish 2.0 trips have become the no.1 motivator for getting you involved in the S-curve Xperience. And more importantly… KEEPING you involved in the S-curve Xperience.
Eating whatever the fudge you want, is 2nd to that. Which is best enjoyed. During Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Like…
#Feeding the #monster S-curvishly @michutravel on #Travel-curvish 2.0 trips... #Cappadocia #Kapadokya
#Feeding the #monster S-curvishly @michutravel on #Travel-curvish 2.0 trips… #Cappadocia #Kapadokya
And so… We lure you in. By reminding you that you can still eat the foods that you currently enjoy.
Preferably A-C rated foods. But also D-F rated foods. And if D-F… We show you how to re-structure your eating habits, in regards to that.
This is why I said ‘yes’ to be being involved in the following video…
Which I ended up on a few months back. During my travels.
Hard work is indeed needed, to reach reach 60-100% S-curvish. 
Only for set periods of time. Which is usually 1-3 months.
You won’t learn this fact on day one though. It’ll happen some time during your 121 coaching chats.
The formula that we have created (Over the past decade) for using supplements within S-curve world. Will most likely stay the same, or jus evolve some what.
So right now… We continue to push the same message out, daily.
Which is everything that you see on this page…
In regards to buying supplements. Everyone is either…
1) Buying and trying (As instructed to above)
2) Jumping into Messenger and asking before buying
The formula that we have created. Means that you can’t ever waste your money, when it comes to buying supplements.
1) Because ingredients are scanned before buying
2) From buying in small amounts, first
This still remains a hot area within the S-curve Xperience. So continue to have fun with it.

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