Denim genes vs Denim jeans

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Denim genes… S-curve world shenanigans operate around the clock behind the scenes. It’s a new day. So let’s get into it…

You have checked in…

That’s the main thing we need to do in your 121 Messenger coaching sessions.

– Nutrition is what we’ll focus on the most (Everyone that’s failing… Is doing so, because of this).

– Workouts… You just do what’s given to you.

And all you’ll ever need at present. Is a phone and internet connection.

But the thing people need help with the most. Is someone to be present ‘in their corner’, at least 3-5 times a week.

It’s a lifestyle and mindset fix.

The reason why this is… Is because without that extra voice urging you on. Your brain ends up in a negative self talk state.

Which leads to false fears and failures. And you end up quitting.

If that sounds like you. Become a member. And keep following the social media posts and newsletter once you do.

The key here… Is ‘heightened engagement’ and involvement. That’s how you win.

Do that via a Lifestyle and Results phase over time. And you win…

About last night 

This is what happens daily… In my current ‘hub’.

I get approached a lot by real estate folks, trying to sell properties.

But little do they know… Is that I’m about to reverse the role on them. And for them… To be introduced into the S-curve experience.

A lot of them are familiar with ‘business’. As they’ve done things in the past.

The reason why they become instantly interested in the S-curve experience. Is because their lifestyles are broken and fudged up.

Usually… Excess lower belly fat, or too thin. And it’s very visible.

Also… Quite a lot of them are pretty bad at ‘selling’.

So right now… There are stories going on behind the scenes. All of which, will be revealed to you over time, @ the new kids on the block (Don’t worry… They’re joining into the same S-curve world you’re in).

And there’s plenty of current day stories for you to eye up, via the daily social media posts.

About last nights convo

I am a walking business card (For the most part)… And I tend to work in outdoor locations, for a few hours of the day. And when I do talk to people. The laptop is in hand.

And people can just see the S-curve formula at work. LIVE and in the moment.

And yesterday. I talked about the fact that a lot of the results they were looking @ in the hall of fame. Were of members who had something holding them back, before they started.


– A bad circle of friends
– Active… But is still fat or simply not S-curvish

That last point is what I want you NOT to be doing @ pride, stubbornness, lack of knowledge, being cheap.

Just stop it already.

The moment some of those members became members. They kicked themselves, that they didn’t stop doing all that nonsense… Earlier.

To conclude that…

If you want something done well. Something that sits outside of the list of things to do, in your current busy daily life. Get help.

If it’s becoming S-curvish… Or > fixing your #boutine. Then you jump into a chat to start making that a reality.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

> Your genes are denim 

> Drones for beginners @ TC2.0 shenanigans

> Coming up for air


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