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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s been a weekend of planning and movie watching for me. Which you would have seen if you have me added on FB.

Den of Thieves is what I watched. It was actually pretty good.

On the ‘planning’ side of things… It’s all about Travel-curvish.

Seriously… If you’re even thinking about becoming an official member. Do it just for those TC2.0 trip pics and vids that will be taken.

Because these are locations that should not be missed in this life time.

We even have a TC2.0 writer for now. Who is focusing on hiking/camping locations in the US of A. > Like this. Yup.

So expect to see some epic destination lists. To add to your bucket list.

– Official food list module on stage 3
– TC2.0 destination list

= Winning big time… In 2018!

It’s Sunday… So let’s RECAPO.


– A general update about what’s going on.
– Blueprint tips.
– Here… We broke down our take on ‘body image’.
– Separating the real world from the virtual one… And how we’ve made them one of the same.
– #savetheboobs.
– Introducing you to the official foods list module from stage 3.
– You are settling for less right now? If so… Don’t! Do this instead.
– Eating S-curvishly… It’s more than just fixing your butt. And on this day… We explain how/why.
– Some stuff about TC2.0.
– Blueprint tips.

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the coming months/years).

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