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Buzzers… Sunday…

What’s going on with me today… Is the same as yesterday. Now onwards with the day.

Today’s headline

Yup… With the S-curve experience in full effect @ the long term plan is indeed a ‘now’, variable one.

– TC2.0 trips
– Shifting between results and lifestyle phases
– Cheat snacking, TGIF cheat nights, roof top bars and coffee shop hangout shenanigans

One word = Fun

We are having fun with all of this stuff now. Just visit all the social pages via > More buzz for a visual explanation.

And remember… The whole point of going ‘high end’. Is so that you don’t ever have to start over, ever again. Not ever!

So those of you who have said in passing convo, that you’ve started several ‘things’ before and blah-dy, blah, blah… That BS ends as you enter state 3. Or should I say… This years > fall season programWhich we may of may not turn into an official thing.

We live in ‘winners’ world here.

This week… We > RECAPO


That newsletter was all about the food shenanigans that go on, once YOU become an expert at eating S-curvishly.

With some fave TG/Christmas foods listed.


Was it ‘love at first sight’ when you decided to get together with your partner/husband/wife?

It usually isn’t. And it usually isn’t, when FitBuzzers decide to become S-curve members on here. We talk about that + some blueprint tips listed.


– Highlighting more aspects of this years fall season program.

– To encourage you to embrace a ‘student mindset’ on your journey to living S-curvishly.

– Some beginner blueprint tips to help with that.


– Adding fruit to dinner meals to make them less boring.

– Why you don’t need to worry about D-F rated foods making you fat, when you eat them.

– Supplements and apparel… There’s still some good things going on with them at present.


– Reminding you that the newsletter is a part of the S-curve formula.

– To kill the ‘taking shortcuts’ mindset.

– The order of what it looks like to start as an official member right now.

Some 3-6-12 month scenarios for you, in regards to that…

> Do two months of a results phase, go about your own way for the rest of the year. And maybe come back for stage 4.

> Start an intro program. If all is good and well by week 4. Then stay on a lifestyle phase until you are happy.

> Start the intro. Then shift between a results and lifestyle phase over the next 12 months.


Stuff I’ve learned about you this year. From meeting you regularly, face to face. And from our global online shenanigans.




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