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That’s how that woman felt when she fell in yesterday’s buttletter video <

(A bookmark worthy one too).

But as you would have seen… It was a blessing in disguise, because she

learned that she wasn’t pushing anywhere near to her full potential.

That’s probably what’s happening with you right now.

It’s the different between getting good vs great results (S-curve Challenge


The worst part about all of this, is how crap you feel once you actually start

doing ‘great’.

Because you realize all of that time you’ve wasted being a mediocre bore…

However… Holding onto ‘what was’ is silly.

So today… We continue to improve YOU.

Lets go!!!!

S-curve plans… Those are indeed, tailored to YOU @ very.

And over time, the process has been simplified so that all YOU have to do,

is do what’s given to you. No learning or extra ‘anything’ required.

However… There are some fundamental S-curve rules that must become

habits. Habits that we may sometimes ignore.

There’s many to cover… But let’s start with some actionable ones that you

can start TODAY!

#1 Stubborn progress/buttgress? Add combo exercises to your regime.

*Leg press press > Calf raises toes point straight, inwards then outwards

(3 sets of 25 reps).

*Face pull > Pull apart (For the backless dress).

*Bodyweight squat > 45 degree abduction.

Head over to @fitbuzz YouTube on Morebuzz below for some visuals.

#2 Increase your total intake. But MAKE SURE all of the foods you eat are

A-C rated. This applies to all body types. Your body needs that increase to

change (Unless you’re on a tailored shred).

#3 Sleep your a** off… Really!

Reply and tell me what your issues are.


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

> 30 Day Fall Season S-curve Challenge

> Official Fall Season S-curve Challenge

(6 months on bronze/silver/gold)



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