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Buzzers… Choose-a-day… (You’ll see what I mean in a sec…)

I did say that we was gonna start the week ‘all guns blazing’ @ yesterday. And that we did.It was also only right, that I made the word ‘countdown’… The title of today’s newsletter.



#1 You’ve all heard my accent right? (Vid). I’m personally dealing with ‘global’ folks. And a lot

of people can’t figure out where I’m from (Hehe). Just google ‘Countdown’… The TV show.

That’ll tell you where. 😛

#2 That TV show has a serious number crunching element to it. Just YouTube to see it in action.

That’s exactly what it was like when I created your tailored nutrition calculator, back in 2012,

which we still use today.

#3 The countdown is officially on @ 1 day missed/43 days left. In regards to > yesterday’s intro to this years Black Friday/Thanksgiving/Christmas shenanigans.

The last time we did…. Was 2015. And it’s the first time we’re covering the entire festive period.

And this year… It’s kinda like losing a tooth, every single passing day though. Just visit the page above to see what I mean.

The festive season shenanigans looks like…?

One of the main yearly goals behind the scenes. Is to level up everything we do (For you). Which naturally means, to attract people who like to level up at a higher level.

That’s all good and great.

But if you are new here (Or even seasoned). We then need to break down how we ‘get down’ during this festive period @ yesterday’s intro to this years Thanksgiving/Christmas shenanigans.

Which actually hasn’t changed much in the past 3-4 years.

So let’s get into it…

#1 We embrace the festive season food binge

This has changed for some members. Like Shawn. Who doesn’t binge. Since the results phase got her off to a rocking start @ mental fix + noticeable results (Which is why that phase exists).

So she’ll be cooking a lot of A-C rated Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

But… Embracing the binge is OK.

I) It’s all a lifestyle phase moment. So we ‘taste’ our food. We enjoy the happy moments.

II) It’s the perfect time to get a ton of food variety into your guts. Which may happen less, during
other times in the year due to ‘busyness’. Although this has become less of an issue, with all the new features we’ve added in the past 18 months or so.

#2 You don’t have to workout so much if you don’t want to.

So… To keep your results ticking over, during this festive period. You’ll simply focus on Tailored Daily Exercise videos that are created for you.

These are short 2-3 minute videos that you do as you wake, or go to bed. It’s usually daily. But leading up to and just after Thanksgiving… It can be just 3-4 times a week.

#3 We’re usually more happy and open during this season. So it’s always a great time to actually connect. And talk about everything @ life.

Which is super ideal now. Since this years fall season program shenanigans, is all focused on the 121 chats (You’re going to see that link above, up until Christmas).

That’s pretty much it.

Just remember that the above, doesn’t only relate to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Think weddings, BBQs, crazy festival weeks during summer.

That’s why we have the lifestyle phase in place. So all of that fun stuff can happen.

Some blueprint tips#1 Not a blueprint tip. But an announcement… The Travel-curvish 2.0 album for FitBuzzers and

S-curve members > has begun. The descriptions of the best pics that you send in, will look like

that first pic.

#2 Cheat snack paradise…

I havent talked about this in years. But drink fresh sugar cane juice. I had that for the first time in

Egypt, back in 2007 (Pics are on that FB profile). And that drink was selling like CRAZY!

Which is why I didn’t forget about it.

Let the fall season shenanigans continue…
> Morebuzz… Reply and/or message to talk. Because the stuff that we talk about will be further discussed in the next newsletter.



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