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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Coming in LIVE and direct

We’ve been S-curving for a while now. And this past week, looks exactly the same as every other long term S-curve members first week.

And the big highlight… Is that this shite takes time!

Aka… Teaching and coaching you into a a super S-curve lady, physically and mentally, takes about 1-3 weeks before you are ‘ready’.

That’s why we launched > this page to you a week ago. Rather than one week from today.

Besides… It’s the right time of the year to show you how ‘we do’ festive season food shenanigans (We embrace the binge).

Anyway… 36 days left.

Following through part 2

We did part one on Saturday. And today… I’m going to get into the dilemma that some folks face, after they’ve followed through.


You got through stage 2 and are warming up to stage 3. Great. You WILL win. But the absolute worst thing you can start doing (If you wan guaranteed results) is to start following your own random path.

You can throw the ‘guarantee’ in the trash can if you do that. As I cant guarantee anything if you do that.

**LIVE update member page + 121 coaching chats**

That’s the formula that everyone who has won, has followed.

– It’s like doing a college degree and playing around with semester 2 stuff in semester 1.

– Or being a first time driver and self teaching yourself to drive.

You’re just messing up the ‘learning flow’ of things. At which point, you’ll complain that nothing works.

Also… You have to be careful. Because different workouts and nutrition shenanigans will affect your body differently, depending on what stage you’re at.


Doing the Aphrodite Butt Building routine without guidance (Doing it for 2 months straight) may get you injured.


A super shred-curvish eating plan for more than 4-6 weeks might leave your muscles looking a little ‘under the weather’.


Progressing to an advanced exercise too quickly will most likely kill your motivation levels.

I’ve seen a lot of this stuff happen. Which lead to hissy fits (Big time… Like shrunk butt). Which lead to the creation of the tweak week modules this year (You’ll 100% use this in your first 6 months).

Follow through part 2 conclusion

It’s OK to want to get your trust levels up before going into stage 3. It’s a process. And like I said yesterday. You can never be rushed into it.

But once you’re on. And you feel comfortable. Follow the rules. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain and heartache.

Stage 3 blueprint tips

That’s where the magic is. In foods and supplements. A-C rated rules apply @ what you see on the label?
If so… You’re good to go. Buy it and try it. Which is the rule that is used for the stuff you can see in the S-curve journey extras via > More buzz.

The long term stuff above (Re-emphasised)

– It’s the 121 coaching + LIVE updates that saves you. It shows us the problems that arise and how to fix them.

– You probably have one area on your body that needs a lot of work. That’s going to take you at least 3-4 months of successful work to fix. Which is what 121 coaching + the LIVE update member page is.

Unfortunately… Quite a few people take the opposite route and go through months or years of trial and error.

Like > this lady. Who went two years of trying to go it alone, failed miserably. Came back and succeeded within 3 weeks!

Don’t make your 2018 look like that! It makes the S-curve experience as a whole (Pre-headline on More buzz) ‘suck’. Get out of disability mode… Get enabled.

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