Clowns and Hurricanes

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Buzzers… Monday…
So… It was a weekend of clowns, hurricanes and > ‘about last nights’.

Hurricanes… Because many FitBuzzers and S-curve members live in the areas where those hurricanes are active.

Clowns… Because of the > movie IT.

‘Clowns’ have always been scary to a lot of people. And that’s a movie (The original included) that takes that fear, to new heights.


Today… We’re going to walk through what we would do, if you have a busier than usual Monday ahead.

I’ll tell you why we do this shortly. Let’s go…


> This…

– Protein and fat

Yes… You need heavy carbs at this time of day. In fact… You need all nutrients.

But if you have a hectic morning or anticipate one, the night before. Then… Your lack of morning carbs can be OK. If… You ate ‘carb heavy’ in your dinner meal from the night before (4 hours before you slept).

The morning ‘slow digesting protein’ food, will help protect your muscles. And the mono/poly fats will slow digestion further and keep hunger at bay.


The same as the breakfast above. And this lunch isn’t too different from the standard S-curve lunch.

What might change, is your intake volume. As a busy Monday, just requires you to eat ‘something’ at these meal times.

Workout period

#1 S-curve Short Splits Routine (No vid @ members only)

But the set up looks like this…
– 3-4 exercises
– 1 minute breaks between sets
– 2 sets per exercise
– Heavy weight
– Upper > Lower > Upper… That’s what your workout days will look like

#2 Or a > TDE @ example

The short splits are really great. And for a while… You can actually maintain a constant 80-90% S-curvish physique @ staying on that routine. As you’re only ‘partly’ destroying muscle and eating S-curvishly.

Fully destroying muscles via full workouts, means that you have to embrace 7-10 day breaks from working out, several times a year, to look 90-100% S-curvish. Especially when getting ready for a Travel-curvish trip.

The TDE above, is an example. But it’ll be specific to you. That’s the video(s) you’ll turn to, when you have a busy day ahead. And if it’s TDE… It’ll be first thing in the morning or late at night.


– Fruit that makes you feel full (Like pineapple)
– Easy to travel with and not get addict to (Like raisins)


It can be the same as the breaky and lunch meals.

But you should be more settled at this time of day. So it’ll be a good idea to at least get half heavy carbs

inside you.

Not doing so… Could lead you to waking up, looking in the mirror and having a hissy fit!

A common reason… Is because of sudden butt shrinkage.

And yes… We have a formula for that ‘fix’ too, inside the tweak weeks modules. Which permanently sits on your LIVE update member page, as an active member.

Which is a great thing to have, when living on a lifestyle phase. Where less 121 coaching happens.

Remember… Your motivation on a lifestyle phase, isn’t results driven. It’s just to keep you active and
progressive at a ‘sane’ pace.

The world is 100% LIVE now. That means… Nothing that we do here is static!

So no one day, will be the same. The above is an example of what we would switch to on a busy day in your life.

– Need to turn up your physical results quality for a period?

– Need to focus on stopping your boobs from shrinking?

Then we will indeed switch things up for that too.
Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily


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