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Training for any sport can be frustrating, especially when there is little to show for the hard work put in day after day. Climbing is one such sport that it’s especially hard to gauge performance ratings. Aside from sore muscles, there is little daily evidence of progression. However, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. ClimbAX Wristbands are the newest technology on the market that feature an innovative way to track performance and chart data. This product is literally the most effective tool for climbers of any experience level.

The System

Any workout routine should be performance driven. Without a way to track data, there is little to show for the daily grind of working out. ClimbAX Wristbands take the guesswork out of climbing performance data. Featuring a unique combination interface and a state of the art control panel, the ClimbAX system offers real time data of every climbing session. Developed in the UK, the ClimbAX system has been tested and validated in varied conditions including lab and competition settings. The system delivers a precise breakdown of each individual session and facilitates comparisons between sets of previously recorded sessions. To do so, the system offers four main components: a session overview, timeline, and breakdown, and trend tracking.

Session Overview

To offer climbers the most accurate, immediate data, ClimbAX Wristbands offer a unique session overview feature. The session overview includes a display of past sessions in the format of the bottom timeline as well as vital statistics associated with the present climb including session duration, moves, number of climbs, and an overall score.

Session Timeline

Another important feature, the session timeline provides an easy to read data representation of rest intervals and active periods. Presenting colored bars that represent individual climbs, the length of the bar indicates the interval of the climb, while the height represents the number of moves. This feature is especially important for being able to strategize ways to improve endurance and stamina.

Session Breakdown

Analyzing individual climb performance as well as comparing climb sets is an effective way to determine ways to develop more strength and endurance. The session breakdown enables this analysis by including a breakdown of specific skill areas including control stability, and speed. The feature also tracks and determines hand dominance in each skill area and provides a detailed overview of active time versus rest time.

Trend Tracking

Another unique function, the trend tracking option allows climbers the opportunity analyze a set of previous climbs to determine trends in performance. To facilitate this comparison, the bottom panel provides an overview of the selected sessions and provides a way to assess and establish relationships between the selected sessions.

Performance Metrics

ClimbAX Wristbands offer a variety of information in regards to climbing performance by featuring specific performance measurements. These measurements include power, control, stability, and speed. Having a basic understanding of all of these measurements provides climbers with a better understanding of their current performance as well as what they can focus on to improve. Power measures the amount of isometric strength used to assist a move. Control refers to smooth transition between consecutive holds, while stability is the ability to stay well-positioned in a hold. Of course, speed measures the timing of an individual climb and also refers to rest periods and active climbing time. All of these together present a complete picture of an individual’s overall ability and performance.

A unique mechanism in itself, the ClimbAX band features the same internal mechanisms as an iPhone 5. The band uses this unique mechanism to determine the orientation of an individual’s arms as well as to define whether the individual is climbing and what moves are being performed. The mechanism then processes the information and processes it into usable data by way of a sophisticated algorithm.

Just like any other sport, improving performance as a climber is defined by maintaining and utilizing data. The ClimbAX wristband offers a state of the art system for calculating, maintaining, and analyzing data. Not just a wristband, the ClimbAX is the edge on climbing.

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