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Learn how an attorney COMPLETELY transformed her body in just 2.5 years and turned figure competitor all from an idea suggested by one of her two baby daughters.

Today’s guest is someone who I now refer to as the fiery figure competitor. There are a couple of reasons why… just watch the interview below to see why that is.

She is also someone who nearly didn’t make it into the interviews section of the site. She would have ended up in Stay-Fit Bug progress stories, but I guess you could say she’s a progress to transformation to figure competitor success story. And is living proof that hard work really does pay off.

Watch the interview to learn how she is switching careers and the mindset that she has created to help her do that with frightening ease!

Christina Before and After

The Full Program

About Christina

Christina is a figure competitor (Attorney turned figure nut), a mother of two and someone who I’m sure will set the fitness world on fire… literally.

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Before and After (For some final inspiration)

Connect with Christina

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The articles mentioned in this interview

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Nutrition First, Supplementation After…

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