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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a new week. So let’s explain what that headline is all about :).

Things do indeed change and evolve on here, every year…

But as human nature goes… Most people aren’t used to change. They more often than not… Expect things to remain the same.

Which certainly isn’t the reality in today’s hyper fast, internet embraced world.

For those who have lived in this internet world in past years. Especially in business. Change… Is expected and anticipated.

So today… It’s time to update you with where we’re at in S-curve world.

#1 Pay as you go focused and tailored Paypal links.

Yes… You can still visit the stage 1-4 pages, hit the buy buttons and begin/continue as member.

But in regards to today’s S-curve shenanigans. Everything is triggered by a 121 conversation via one of the social media channels (FB Messenger/Instagram/Tumblr).

Which often leads to individual Paypal links being created.

I ‘get it’ too @ why. Because even when I myself, search for a business. The first thing I do, is look for a live chat link, before doing anything else (I done it twice this past weekend).

And this is why I’m always sending you to the FB page or to my own profile @ FB stories. So that when you feel the need to talk… You know that theres somewhere for you to go, in order to do that.

#2 We’ve killed the ‘sell you into a program’ vibe. 

Well… We’ve never really had THAT kinda vibe on here to begin with. Which is why we’ve had active members who are still here, 5+ years later. They are family.

But when something is being sold. Or something is on offer to buy. That’s what people expect @ ‘you’re gonna try to sell to me’ vibe.

Kinda like when a guy takes your number (Or you give him yours, because he made a decent enough first impression on you). You’re expecting him to want s3x only. But he might just turn out to be ‘a good one’ and be genuinely interested in you.

Either way…

People are learning, that we’re definitely not about THAT vibe on here… After following for a while and doing some due diligence. Especially after adding ME on Facebook.

We’ve gone more LIVE over the past few years… And I’ve brought you into my own personal daily lifestyle (Which IS the S-curve experience) and personality, more recently.

So now you can see… That it’s all about the experience.

And more importantly… You can see YOU being treated as family, via existing followers/members.

#3 There’s less fake BS tolerated @ internet 

Fake lifestyles

Everyone is picking up on that today @ internet.

But in S-curve world. The lifestyle here, is all about living how you’re currently living. But in an improved way. I’m doing it everyday. Which you can see in my FB stories.

So when you see a TC2.0 post, for example. That’s all about showing you destination types. And not about showing off the fact that one is actually on a trip.

So you will know that the pic is taken live, if it’s me on the the TC2.0 trip. No fake-ish.

Fake body parts (At least in S-curve world @ less of)


Now that we live in a world where it’s harder to be trash and fake (People will call you out on everything).

It is true… That quite a few who become members… Already have fake body parts. Namely boobs.

And it’s more common with US S-curve members, than in any other country. In Asia… It’s more about tattooed eyebrows, lips, nose jobs.

But… I personally get why @ namely boobs.

Because those who become members… Have had attempts at becoming S-curvish. And succeeding at different levels from doing so (Which is why they became members).

And by doing so… You’ll often end up losing a cup size or more. Because boobs are just fat. And when you lose fat. You lose it all over.

So… Boobs get bought back.

However… It’s not encouraged. Because just like getting one body tattoo. It often leads to getting more


Which would mean more fake body parts. And that is 100% NOT needed.

It’s very easy to transform your body with > natural foods and > specific supplements. At record speeds too, if you want ‘speed’.

You just need a formula. And that’s why we have the ‘high end’ stages 1-4 process in place.

Also… We now have a training module in place. That helps prevent the shrinkage of boobs, by at least one cup size.

To conclude

There might be more to discuss. If there is… I’ll continue tomorrow or some other day. Either way… It’s important

for you to know where we stand, at all times. Which is one reason why the daily newsletter exists.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– For those > very nice drinks.

– The > bluetooth speaker… Because of all the gym and poolside shenanigans going on right now.
– Tis the season to take a ‘soft lean’ > bikini-curvish selfie.

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