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Buzzers… Sunday…

As I stated last week. TC2.0 doesn’t always have to be about taking an actual trip somewhere. Instead… You can find a spot to simply ‘come up for air’.

But for me last night… It was all about the restaurant/roof top bar. Followed by a long bout of ‘sleep’.

All of which… You’ll see via my FB stories (Only up for 24 hours… So be quick).


These days… Our ‘vibe’ is a pretty chilled one on here. Because we enjoy the life that we’ve created. And the one that we’re creating for you @ S-curve experience.

But in terms of becoming S-curvish. And in terms of the members that have failed. And continue to fail. Even once they become members…

Then… We have no choice but to call you out on your own s***. 

In short… YOU are the issue in such a case.

– Maybe you keep on trying different things, when you should be sticking to one thing.

– Maybe you won’t ‘quit’ some of the people who are in your life. That are causing it to suck.

So… We call you out.

But we only do it. To make you aware of the problem. Because… The reason why we continue to succeed with members. Is because we are ruthless in our approach.

We know what we do… Works. So we lay the hammer down. Get s*** done. Until you can see it making a difference.

At which point. You start to stick to the plan. Because no one quits things that work well for them.

That… Is why you’re really starting the 121 coaching/chat sessions as a member. And you’ll feel that ‘vibe’… All throughout the other areas of the S-curve experience too.

Not all of it. Just some of it. Like… On the apparel quotes.

Anyway… That’s my final words for you to end the week. We’re pretty much 24/7 with EVERYONE @ folks involved in S-curve world now. So…

– FB stories > Messenger replies.
– Tumblr/Instagram DM’s

Go there… It’s all ‘happening’ there.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish for > OOTN-curvish attire (Check the Pinterest feed via More buzz).

– Because > your nails are a part the image too (Again… Pinterest feed).

– Morgan Freeman > narrated HIIT cardio.


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