Bye bye IAFC… Welcome WTF booty…

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Everything always evolves on here.

Last year, it was all about…

– The introduction of the results & lifestyle phase
– Going live

This year…

– The 65% non workout stuff. Like Hissy fit management and End of day meal reports… Which is what’s

keeping members ‘on’. Which is the biggest challenge. And you really do need to go long term.

– Improving the results & lifestyle phase stuff.

And now… We’re merging FB messenger bots into the mix.I > described how we’re doing that, from the outside. Which you would have noticed if you clicked on

any of the 4 @fitbuzz websites via > More buzz.

But on the inside… It’s being merged with the tweak weeks program.

For example… The tweak weeks exercises gives you different exercise options that you can do on the

day. That’s actually how LIVE training sessions play out.

– Maybe you lack energy
– Maybe you woke up with an unexpected injury
– Maybe you woke up not wanting to do much

So there’ll be some simple bots that’ll sit in your inbox, that can guide you on what to do @ optional.

That’s just for the lifestyle phase though. You’ll just jump on a live chat and ask, if on a results


Bye bye IAFC… Welcome WTF booty…

Last year… We introduced the stage 1 IAFC program.

It’s for…

– Those of you who have never done any @fitbuzz program’s before (Which should give you more

confidence to start stage 2, through to 3 or 4).

– Those who need some real direction.

– Those who are doing OK… But want direction from a ‘solid source’ (We all need a selection of different

‘helpers’ in our lives).

You see the way that these newsletters help you everyday? It’s that. Just individual to you and your

current issues. And about 1-3 pages long.

But we’re changing the name of it to…

> WTF to do with my butt?


Because that title matches the tone of these newsletters. And the newsletters are a super part

of the S-curve experience.

So… WTF it is… And I’m sure you all know what WTF means. Right?


Reply to this email with whatever issues are bothering you right now (Not you S-curve members…

You are constantly being ‘fixed’ :D).

Because tomorrow’s newsletter will be full of blueprint tips to tell you WTF to do with your butt. Which is of course… What we do on that $10 program.


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