Buzzcoin revisited + Free sh*t for YOU!

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Buzzcoin revisited…

Yes… I have revisited this area of the S-curve Xperience recently.
And of you track back to the end of 2018, when it was introduced.
You will now see today… That getting involved then… Was a solid move to make.
Because today… The price of Bitcoin, has almost quadrupled since then.
This is why you MUST take action, whenever you consume anything in these LIVE and in the moment newsletters.
And to NOT wait until YOU feel ready. You know… Waiting for ‘someday’. It never comes.
It’s the same thing with becoming an S-curve member.
You need to start… The same day/week, that you enquire about starting.
I digress…
On the earning side of Buzzcoin…
We introduced this, as one way to earn an extra income within the S-curve Xperience.
– Work from anyway
– Workout from anywhere
And again… We introduced it at a time, where you would easily win. Aka… Investing and watching your invested funds grow.
Which you can do by signing up and using Coinbase (To fund) and Binance (To trade).
Now… If you didn’t take action. And missed out, on this recent price rise. You can still trade. It just requires a little extra work.
Either way… If you thought about this at the time. And didn’t listen. Then it’s a lesson for the future YOU. To take action!
The Non-earning size of Buzzcoin
The main reason that we made this a ‘thing’. Is because of the potential ways that the blockchain industry may disrupt/change the official parts of the S-curve Xperience @ fitness, travel, daily lifestyle or even ‘shopping’.
We have always pushed for the early adoption of things. Because when things do adopt. You’ll be better prepared for the change

Want some free sh*t?

@yaganmoore has free ice-cream for you..
@yaganmoore has free ice-cream for you..

Almost everything is free in S-curve world, if you’re good at listening and following rules.

It’s not… If you do not listen.
It’s as simple as that.
– A lot of people don’t have time. If that’s you. You’re better off paying for shit.
– Almost all humans need to work with someone, in order to move ahead. Wether in groups or 121. Which is why 121 coaching chats are the most effective thing to date. And why Travel-curvish 2.0, is the best thing to move you off your ass and keep you moving off your ass. It’s all about that human connection.
This is the mindset you need to embrace, whilst you’re here in the S-curve Xperience.
Like I said in precious posts. Transparency is key. We’ve always been ‘that’. But more so today. Because of the climate we’re in.

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