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You all know we’re an S-curve Xperience today. A platform for everything that goes on, under one roof.
It’s an acquired taste of living @ life on plant earth.
And because we are a platform.
The things that are on offer within S-curve world. Stretch beyond a program that allows you to Become S-curvish and the benefits from becoming so.
'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments @deboramirtes
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @deboramirtes

In terms of the price of ‘things’.

For the most part. When you see something labelled with a ‘high’ price tag.
It usually means that there is increased value, within whatever that thing is.
With the S-curve program that allows you to Become S-curvish. The price goes up. Simply because there’s access to unlimited 121 coaching chats.
Because the more we communicate. The better and faster results you get.
It’s been proven too many times already @ link above/behind Debora.
That’s just one example.
And if you’re reading this. This probably isn’t news to you. But everyone does need a reminder from time to time.
Especially when you’re not a huge brand, like Ferrari or Apple.
In which case… For us…
It means building up trust with you, over time. So that in YOUR head. It doesn’t even become a question. In regards to how much you pay for something.
It could be…
> Stuff from the Amazon page
> Stuff from the Supplements page 
'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout @clara_lindblom
‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout @clara_lindblom
– If you’re a business… A placement on
So keep on lapping up everything that you see. Across all of our social media profiles and websites.
As it’s the S-curve Xperience. Seen in all it’s glory.

Buzzcoin revisited

Gosh… It has been a minute since we talked about this.
But fast forward 6 months. And we were right.
The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has indeed evolved.
So yes… In time. We’ll start to apply elements of the blockchain shenanigans. Into relative parts of the S-curve Xperience.
We already have some ideas.
But as usual. You’ll see official announcements via these newsletters.
And for those of you who have been interested in boosting your personal income, via the S-curve Xperience.
Then you would have already done that, if you invested into bitcoin (Or another cryptocurrency) 6 months back.
As the price has since tripled.
Just remember though. That investing and trading in that area. Is something that we’re not ‘super’ experts at.
But we do have personal experience with it.
And a strategy that makes sense. When living the S-curve Xperience.
All of which… We discuss in 121 chats ONLY.
Which is free to do with us.
All that’s required. Is that you sign up to the following 2 websites. Via the links below.
> Here 
And > here too
Newsletter done!
Leave a comment below. Or slide into the DM’s via the blue button in the bottom right side of this page.

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