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Buzzers… > Tongue day (There’s currently free shipping @ take advantage)…

The long weekend is coming to an end for many. And if you did take time off… Then you better have had made it worthwhile.

I know a lot of you were less active.

And because of that… I got to focus on having conversations with all followers, on all of our most active platforms.

So let’s have a little Q & A @ what was discussed…

No… She’s Asian… She can’t have a ‘natural’ body/butt > like this.

Ha… That was a statement from a new follower. Not an S-curve member or newsletter Fitbuzzer (So they probably haven;t seen the results pages yet).

And this person was mostly clued up @ what goes on in the world of body shaping.

The ability to body shape > into this naturally, can be achieved. But the amount of people/businesses that can successfully make it happen… Falls in the 20% of the 80/20 rule.

We’ve been successfully doing it for years, with a ton of the results > recorded for everyone to see. So we of course fall into that category.

Enter: Your genetics/background 

– Yes… Where you are from, can play a part in how ‘epic’ your S-curve bod will get.

– Genetics have their place too (I’m personally never going to look super bulky, with my long limbs).

But you will only know what the actual limitations within you, are… Until you put yourself through the process.

I’m pretty sure > Steph never thought her butt would explode to that size, with her tiny frame.

Conclusion = Never live by the words of others.

Almost all successful members, thought they had tried everything, before their results came.

So no matter what it is that you want to go out and achieve… Find someone or something that has a track record in helping people get to the levels that you’re trying to get to.


The higher the price of something, usually means better quality. But in today’s world… You have to do due diligence @ going the expensive route.

The best way to be sure if the expensive option you’re talking to, is legit… Is to talk to them 121, for weeks or even months (ALL long term S-curve members did this… And I encourage you to do that to, if you’re not a member yet @ 121 chats).

Because that’s what you did before getting in, ‘long term’, with your current day spouse… Right? :).

What’s an S-curve belfie?

Most of you already know this. But it’s when you turn to the side and take a butt selfie. Which reveals the quality of your current day S-curve.

It’s the first shot that you’ll have to take on day 1, as an S-curve member.

You’ll see why, by day 60.

You already know that I’m active on social. So go there. Or to the FB page… If you want to talk to ‘the page’.


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