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Buzzers… Today = > This… In all areas in your life…

Yesterday… I spoke about the importance of getting a message across via the written or spoken word.

And getting a ‘chill vibe’ message across to you, Is the #1 reason for starting that new S-curve member podcast-ish last week…

To make you feel right at home. Because everything that you learn, ‘sticks’ more. And everything becomes more real.

Video is great and there’s plenty of it around at @fitbuzz.

But there’s no conversation happening in those videos. There’s just entertainment. And you… Bonding with the voice of @fitbuzz. In regards to the two video types that you’ll see over on More buzz.

All of the above, is one of the reasons why new people decide to become members… And not just because of the success rate.

It’s because we know how to be ‘chill’. That’s why we’ve become an S-curve experience.

Because I bet that your guard is way up right now… As you’re reading this @ YOU… Deciding on becoming an official member. You know it is (Put your dukes up emoji goes here).

Think about those times when a guy/girl tried ‘win you’.

For those who succeeded @ capturing your heart… They were probably more ‘chill’… Right?

That’s what we are here…

So just chill… And imagine that you are the one behind the camera, on my current > profile pic. 😛

A Monday is almost always a refresh day, after a weekend… The way that we take breaks… Especially if it’s a Travel-curvish 2.0 weekend.

So let’s kick start the week with some reminder blueprint tips.

Remember… The list is endless. All of them will apply to you. But only over time, in the various situations that you’ll encounter in this lifestyle.

#1 The perfect S-curve cereal is…

– Wheat type + Water (Microwave)/Almond milk + Whey + Raisins (Or other dried fruit)

And variations of that. Just make sure you keep an eye on the FB profile feed below, every other morning. The ‘shenanigans’ album to be exact. As you’ll see a regular stream of meal types, from the S-curve formula.

#2 Cycling is still the best way to do a 20-30 minute S-curve HIIT workout. The most ‘fun’, is swimming and badminton (This will boost a shred on some results phases).
#3 Try the face pull > pull apart combo exercise with light/medium weight dumbbells. Just do it. You can tell me what happens. Ha.
#4 > This is the place to catch up on the weekends newsletters, if you did take a break.
#5 Message on Facebook… Tell me what problems you woke up with today. And I’ll give a blueprint tip for the day.
Reply to talk… Adding below is MUCH better in 2017 and beyond… And > More buzz for
daily updates.


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