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Buzzers… Wednesday…

I know that there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now. That affects… Or indirectly affects you. But… Over here, we push on. Because there’s ‘life to be lived’.

Tis the… Bla bla bla (You know what rest of the sentence is)

Explained =

Create > this body in the best time possible (It ‘doesn’t’ need to be quick).

Live an enhanced life with it…

– Improved relationships
– Travel-curvish trips

I have a short explanation for you tomorrow too. But today, it’s time for…

S-curve Blueprint Tips

#1 We’ve always had a list of ‘not to dos’ on here. But we’ve never listed them in one newsletter. So I’m going to list as much as I can think of…

– Limit your squats and deadlift numbers – Bigger thighs and a bulky waist is what you might get, when performed in high frequency over the long term.

– Do less exercises that hit your upper abs (The effective exercises too). Like…

> Bicycles and variations of…
> Push up > Burpee > Jump/pull up
> Running on the spot
> Side to side one arm ski swings

= Boob shrinkage

Yup… Those are some of the best exercises that you’ll see in your program. So we’ll usually…

A) ‘Start’ with those effective exercises.
B) Carefully gauge the fat lost.
C) Start getting more precise with the exercises (And nutrition) as you progress towards 90-100% S-curvish.

– Eat less saturated fat.

– No fruit past ‘evening’ dinner time.

– No slow-go cardio.

– No sticking to a regime for more than 6 weeks.

– No more cheat ‘meals’ (Cheat ‘snacks’ only).

#2 Your body will change shape at times. Sometimes unexpectedly. But there’s always a reason why it changes.

And the S-curve formula has figured out why, for almost all scenarios.

There’s always a ‘hands on’ tailored fix. But on a lifestyle phase. It’s the tweak weeks program that you’ll turn to.

That… Was created for each of the different problems that you’ll face.

And it was created, because those problems were actually happening with members. Like butt shrinks and boob shrinkages.

Those are hard problems to fix. But we get it done.

But for best fix… The results phase is what you need to be on.

Things to consider right now, if that’s happening to you…

– Sleep
– Rest periods
– Food variations (There’s a complete food lists module on the member pages now)
– Stress levels (Are you ‘coming up for air’?)
– The type of workouts you’re doing for the ‘current day’ goal


The ‘total info’ for all of this stuff is a lot. But it’s required. And is taught over a 6-18 month time period.

So ya… You’ll only ever see blueprint tips that’ll ‘move you along’. After that… You just need to become an official member @ no point trying to confuse yourself.

Head over to the FB profile below. It’s all fun and games over there. That’s also the theme for tomorrow’s newsletter.

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