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Buzzers… Monday…

The weekends are a great time to recap and recoup. Which is why we do RECAPO. And is partly the reason why we have TC2.0 as an official part of the formula.

It’s what we look forward to.

It also leads to better decision making, as we keep these trips a regular part of your life (> Ambitious).

Which leads me to today’s topic @ change of vibe ‘slightly’

The other week, I said that there’s always a reason for why you’re ‘broken’ in some area of your life (In this scenario… Your physique).

And if you think that’s not the case. Then you are in denial.

How do I know? Other than what I highlighted in that newsletter?

One example from what I’ve seen this weekend…

I have almost all new S-curve members added to  ME via FB or Instagram DM’s.

And both of those platforms use algorithms, to show you content (As you open the app), to people that you are closely connected to.

This weekend. I saw two members eating the equivalent of this type of > Krispy Kreme donut (The all

chocolate one).

This can be ‘OK’ as a TGIF cheat snack, if you have succeeded to at least 60% S-curvish.

But if not. Then stop!

You will fail. And keep returning to the daily newsletter. Waking up… And wondering why you don’t look

> like this.

The reason you need to stop, is because of the habit building shenanigans we put in place, as a member.

In the beginning stages, you need to let your body get used to ‘tasty’ A-rated cheat snacks.

And to kill any type of TGIF cheat night (Like the one above). At least for 1-3 months (Less if you just need to shift temporary Christmas fat levels only).

If you don’t do this, that one cheat binge on F-rated cheat snacks, will set you way back. Since they’re

designed to be addictive. And you will get addicted to them.

Those members…

Are new. Maybe you are new too.

And if you are, I strongly urge you to go ‘higher end’ (Even just to > experiment). Because the 121

coaching sessions and LIVE update member pages keeps you in check.

Just ask any of the members from 2017.

They were a mess before jumping onto stage 3. You can see some of their results on the > stage 3 page.

And they definitely kicked themselves, once they reached the final parts of their stage 3. As it was only then, that they realised they didn’t know it all. That ‘they’ were the reason @ messing up from doing things

on their own.

Going solo is OK if you’re currently perfectly-curvish and reading this newsletter, because you like being

here for the experience ‘overall’.

But not if you’re currently messed up, seeking a fix.

It’s more than just the butt

Yup… I said that last week and I’ll say it again. As it’s relevant in this scenario. Because as you can see above. This is weak mental game being put on display.

Get someone to look at that for you. Some who has your back… Sitting in your corner.

Following on Insta and liking the pics. To then not following protocol S-curve rules?

Ya… That’s a problem.

We deal with visuals here. So this is what > stage 3 looks like. Just, yours will be all virtual. And no in

person gym shenanigans.

”Get in there son” (Some good old London, UK terminology. Ha).

Some blueprint tips to kick start your week.

#1 Heavy squats and deadlifts – Those are not a part of the formula. Yes… You’ll do them. And more of

the variations of them @ not heavy.

But not in high frequency. That’ll just lead to injury and kill your knees.

Instead, you’ll do more hip extension and ‘horizontally aligned muscle fiber’ exercises. Which only usually

requires ankle weights.

So buy your 4kg and 6kg stack at the same time.

That way… You can test the 6kg. Fail miserably (It’s an awful thing to watch. Ha) and then have something to look forward to. Because that challenge will ignite the fire in you, to not want to be defeated.

And you WILL win within 4 months of starting the strength and exercise progression module.

Again… This is all stage 3 stuff.

And again… It’s where you need to be if you’re serious about seeing real results. Wether you intend to

> show them off… Or not!
#2 Negative thoughts, FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt)

It’s a problem. And it affects all of us. It’s why some people stall @ starting the above. Which is why we step in, to move you along through the processes.

But the way to overcome all of that, is by setting a routine.

A solid routine that you end up doing, without even thinking about it. That’s one reason why we’ve become

an S-curve experience.
Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

There’s all life, process and routine going on in that.

So… Once again. That’s a job for stage 3.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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