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Buzzo’s… Monday…

The weekends… The S-curve shenanigans really do continue on once #TGIF is over.

It’s all about following all @fitbuzz social media profiles.

Or… Simply add ME on Facebook (Above) to get all of it in one place.

Back to the headline…

Round 2 of the Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight Circuit

Well… It was a lot of fun creating this for you. So you’ll have a lot of fun while shredding

to smexy, while keeping your butt (Always say no to ‘shrunk butt’).

Round 1 members… Be ready!

New meal plans on the bronze plan

These come weekly on silver/gold. But for those of you on bronze butt… Variety just got

a little more interesting…

Variety… Which plays a vital role @ your S-curve results (Do not ignore this fact!).

Stay on the fitwagon blueprint S-curve tips…

– Milk alternatives @ breakfast

> Almond milk + Whey (To boost protein content).

> Oats boiled/microwaved in water (It tastes exactly the same once ‘thick’) + Whey for


– Kill the ‘daytime hunger’ foods

> Walnuts

> Omelettes

> Avocados

– Results stuff via workouts

> Mon/Weds/Fri workout days for a few weeks.

> Mon/Thurs/Sun for a few weeks after.


Because your body will always look at it’s 70-80% best during your most active

workout moments.

You need to give it some extra rest to start looking 90-95% great.

Hence… 48 hour rest periods @ Mon/Thurs/Sun.

Beastmode Monday… Reply to talky talk talk!



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