Butt life… After 30 days

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The 30 day epic butt/tiny waist challenge…

There’s always two queries/questions that come up once FitBuzzers kick start

that regime…


You REALLY need to get on a chat app!

– This is how I keep you on the fitwagon

– It’s waaaay better than communicating via email.

– It’s instant

– It’s personal

– It’s ‘real’

So if you start, do yourself a favor and get on Skype/Viber/FB messenger

/Whatsapp. No if’s or maybes… Just do it!!


Upgrading to bronze…

That’s the next step to take if you decide that you want to continue your plan.

And a new plan for each month will open up on a new tab on your same member


Butt challenge time…

There was a great response to last weeks challenge/test.

There’s actually a gazillion ways to do these. Sooo…. Let’s have another one

shall we…

**Shred to smexy fat blast**


No breaks… Just ‘go’ until you’re knocked out.

#1 Bleep test sprints (Run 15 meters back and forth until near failure)

#2 Hanging (From pull up bar) ‘half’ sit ups

#3 Star jumps (Jump squats can be done, but stop if your knees start to hurt)

#4 One arm (Alternating) kettlebell swings

#5 Drop set bicep curls (It’s harder than you think)

Like these challenges? And on the 30 day, bronze/silver/gold?

Then the video versions + all the bells and whistles (Like… How to tailor these

into your plan) will be available on your member pages. Just message and I’ll

get it done.

Happy Tues.



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