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Buzzers… Wednesday…

I of course started the day with Deadpool 2. Which was cool. And sticks to the theme/formula as the first film.

But Marvel probably won’t top the Avengers: Infinity War movie for a while.

Either way… An enjoyable watch.


We all now know… That’s it’s all about the S-curve experience ‘today’.

I tend to call trends, before they kick in… Here in S-curve world. Like when I knew stage 4 would become a ‘thing’.

We’ve become an S-curve experience, because the stuff that happens within that, is what was actually happening in peoples lives, as they were on the quest to become S-curvish.

And all of the followers this year, have started to feel the S-curve experience. It’s what they now want to see and look forward to @ social media posts.

But still… It all starts with becoming S-curvish.

You don’t have to break the bank on day one to do it. And the new > Pay-as-you-go S-curve member model, is reflective of that.

But there are past members… Who went with the ‘cheap route’ mindset.

Only to realise 1-2 years later, that nothing much has changed, physically.


Because the magic fix, exists within the 121 coaching and S-curve formula.

This is stuff that you’ve seen us do LIVE on the newsletter. You saw the results and events, happening before your eyes.

So starting off on $20 and sticking to what you get, with that $20 worth of content… Is not going to do much for YOU.

That is…

– Busy with work life
– Busy with kids

– Busy with ‘life’

The process to look at least 60% S-curvish, is an extra workload, if doing it on your own.

And unless you have someone or something helping you. You’re just going to wipe out @ spreading yourself too thin.

That is not what we want for you!

The goal, is to make becoming S-curvish as easy as possible. As quick as possible even…

And to then start enjoying the rest of the S-curve experience, as quickly as possible.

So if you are an individual, who did take action. Didn’t follow through to anything longer term. And is currently unhappy with your current physique.

Then understand, that you need at least 3 months of 121 help and LIVE update member page activity to fix you.

It’s been proven too many times already.

It’s way more fun to be a winner. So jump in, get it done and be one.


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