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Today… I’m going to go over the S-curve meal structure again. Because of a meet up that I had with
a long term FitBuzzer yesterday.

Basically… She can’t workout… At all (I’ll tell you why shortly). And I showed her that she can become

shred-curvish, just by eating S-curvishly, only.

She’s already S-curvish. She just needs to shred some fat around her body.

Yes… It might take longer. But you can get there, if you’re in a situation like hers @ explanation shortly.

So let’s go @ protocol reminders

A 9-5 working day…


– Oats (Slow carbs)
– Natural pineapple juice drink (Fast carbs)
– Whey protein on oats (Fast protein)
– Whole eggs (Slower protein and mono/poly fats)


– Tilapia (Slow protein)
– Broccoli (Fibrous carbs)
– Pasta (Slow carbs)

Workout period (Before and after)

– Whey (Fast protein)
– Natural banana shake (Fast carbs)


– Purple rice (Slow carbs)
– Any lean meat with no saturated fat (Slow protein)
– Asparagus (Fibrous carbs)

Night snacks
– Casein (Slow protein)

– No fruit at night
– No fat at night (Fish oil tablets are ok though)

You need to do some variation of that, consistently, daily. But of course… It will change over

time and based on who you are.

Enter: FitBuzzer Dianne (She’s a special case. So no pics at present)

So… Recently, we’ve been talking about the 1-3 month gold plan period. I talked about how this works

with long time Fitbuzzer Dianne above.

And it truly is the most important time period, as a new member. Or if you want to boost your results.

So today… We’re going to do a > 2 month special gold program. Where you show up, without fail

for 2 months @ $250 each month.

But your 3rd month can be a free month on bronze.

Note: > This is what the gold program is, in detail.
Why I’ve decided to do this today?

Because of the conversation that I had with Dianne yesterday.

You see… She’s been reading every newsletter since I connected with her in September 2014.

I couldn’t meet up with her back then, because that’s when she was diagnosed with lupus.

This means that she can’t do S-curve workouts. Not even of I tailor everything. Which means… She can

only fix her body issues by eating S-curvishly, only.

She couldn’t even leave her house to see me. And after seeing her yesterday. I can see why. Even though

she’s improved greatly since then.

And when I met up with her yesterday. She revealed to me that, although the newsletter does it’s job, it’s

still not enough to get her to start living S-curvishly. Properly.

A program is required to help with that.

I’ve heard this before and I already know that’s a problem. That convo just added to that fuel to that fact.

So this is about getting all ‘Dianne type’ FitBuzzers to officially start.

Almost everyone who does ‘start’, replies to talk to me first. So do that. OKzee.

> More buzz for daily updates.


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