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First… Reply and tell me what your issues are. I know you have them… 

You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Second… Yesterday’s buttletter (Morebuzz) was an important one. 

Always keep that in mind.

Back to the headline…

Almost all totally new S-curve members have a lot of Q & A, moments

before actually becoming a member.

And rightfully so.

Because you SHOULD really know what it is you’re getting into… With

ANYTHING that you plan to start @ life.


Today, we’re going to walk you through the steps of what typically

happens after the first 30 days on the S-curve Challenge, however you

decide(d) to ‘start’.


Month #1

– S-curve meal structure focus.

– Filling your kitchen with the right foods.

– Fixing your mindset to all things ‘S-curve’.

– Testing what does and doesn’t work for YOU @ exercises/foods.

– Crazy ‘tweaks’ to boost first month results (It’s a short term thing).

– Setting your long term plan by day 30.

Month #2

– Introduce your tailored nutrition plan (We leave it out in the beginning,

since this doc requires your full attention).

– Change your video workout regime (Happens every 4-6 weeks).

– Change your tailored daily exercises (Based on your goal).

– Silver/Gold member? That’s when we focus on those benefits.

Month #3

– A repeat of month #2.

– A focus on ‘on-going’ 121 coaching via chat apps.

– Getting ‘precise’ with meals, food labels, body parts (That’s how we get

you to GREAT results).

Month #beyond 

Work the above…

That’s it… Nothing complicated… Since your life is already busy.

Just turn up… And we do the biz.

All other specific details are covered in the Q & A I send you about yourself

(See the archive on Morebuzz). Since the answers create your plan.

Happy Thurs.



Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

> 30 Day Fall Season S-curve Challenge

> Official Fall Season S-curve Challenge

(6 months on bronze/silver/gold)


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